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Just look at this girl...

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I don't even browse cats or kittens on Craiglist because I hate looking through all of the ads posted by people getting rid of their cat for self-centered reasons. However, I stumbled across this beauty when I was browsing dogs. A family member got allergies and can't keep her.

I just thought I'd post it here in case anyone near Plymouth, MN is looking for a new fur family member, or just for some vibes for this girl to find a new home.
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the link was flagged for removal
Sending those happy rehoming vibes anyway
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Flagging on CL is getting out of hand.
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It doesn't show up flagged for me. Still, I'm praying for this gorgeous girl to find a good home every day.

Her'es the picture of her for any of you that couldn't see the page:
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Shows up as flagged for me. Either way, I hope she finds a good home.
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Siamese Rescue MIGHT take her. She's a lynx point mix.
V. beautiful.
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Oooo....she looks exactly like my OTB Samantha. Allergies are one of the top excuses that people give when giving up their pet. I no longer believe that story.
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Oh gee, look, that post has been flagged. Like... nearly every other post someone makes on Craigslist. Man, I hate that place.
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What a gorgeous cat. I am at my limit and too far away.
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