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An Engineer's Guide to Cats

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I do not know if this has been posted here before (or even if the maker of the video is part of TCS ) but I had a good laugh. One of the most entertaining 6:58 min. videos I have seen in a long time.
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I love the corporal hugs musical cats bit
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that was hilarious... I love it! the corporal hugs bit was great... the avoidance game... al of it... I relate... I do.

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Cat Yodeling!
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The whole "tuna is kitty crack" thing was great! My favorite part was the yodeling and the corporal hugging!!!!
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OMG!!! That was totally hysterical! There wasn't a 'not funny' second in the entire video! I'm sending that link to everyone in my mailing list. Great!!!
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only cat lovers would understand that! i laughed through the whole thing!

where's tabitha? time for some cat yodelling!
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We do the corporal cuddling thing!
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simply hilarious.
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I've done the corporal cuddlling myself!

I must get Zoey's lounging program for myself...
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Thast was hilarious!!!!
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Yes, I need to try the corporal cuddling thing when Oreo attacks Jazz.
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OMG, this is SO hilaroius! An engineer describing a cat. LOL


Get ready to laugh!
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OMG LMAO!!!! Loved this vid!!!! Especially cat yodeling and cat hobbies!!!

This guy, in Wichita, is adorable!!!!! If I were single and nearby......
(and ten years younger)!!!
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I just posted this a couple days ago. It is hysterical!
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That was brilliant! So funny!
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I haven't seen this posted here but I thought it was hilarious.

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Yeah I posted it in the videos and pictures section but maybe more people will see it. It is hysterical! I love the cat yodeling as well as the whole kitty crack.
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I think my favorite part is the fact that they have so much peanut butter and jelly in the cabinet and then in the grocery store scene he's buying like 6 jars of the same jelly.

Out of curiosity I had to see if my cat would meow when I hugged her like that. Apparently it doesn't work for her, she would rather start purring when I do that :-P
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Cute video, cute cats, cute guys!
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Wonderful! Love the deadpan delivery! I was laughing so hard, I almost woke Wiggies.
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That was hysterical. I agree with the others: corporal hugging and cat yodeling was the best!

(and as an engineer, I can relate to those people )
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I sent the link to my best friend. Her response, "Are they single?"

We need more men like this in the world.
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Just saw it this morning. Liked it. Hope you do too.

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I just watched this on a hermit crab forum I'm a part of (in the general chit chat board) IT'S HILARIOUS! I love how serious the humans are too...
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My husband showed this to me and I thought it was too funny not to share.
If you are an engineer (or know one), this will crack you up. It is LONG (over 6 minutes) but these guys went to a lot of trouble to make it.


I hope you guys like it!
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I watched that last night - was funny. The only thing I object to is spinning the cat around in the chair - otherwise it was cool Love how they measured the cats too.
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Merged threads with same topic together.

I really love where they take the measurements of the cats and calculate the aspect ratio of each. Definitely an engineer thing to do.
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