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The Scare of a LifeTime

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Okay, you see scorpions on TV, in movies and newspapers, but nobody ever told me that when I moved to Florida, there'd be one in my sister's bedroom!!! I didn't see the creature because I was in class, but I heard how it fascinated her cat! Apparently, he'd been watching it before my sister entered the room and she was--- well, I think the word 'surpised' might be a tad understated here. Anyway, the thing's life took a quick turn from being 'annoyed by a cat' to 'flushed down the toilet' by way of hasty broom & dustpan! Oh, wish I'd seen that!

With a little research, I've found that most North American scorpions aren't poisonous to people over the age of 6. No mention, however, what might have happened if my sister's overly playful cat had been stung!! Anyone know if that would have been fatal or just made him very ill?

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Many people I know in town who live near the hills (the town is surrounded by them on all fronts)get scorpions in their yards and occasionally houses. Adult scorpions aren't as quick to sting as the babies are. The babies are sort of clearish or white. Anyway the babies will sting at anything (a friend even saw one sting itself to death!) while the adults are more docile. They need to reserve their venom to digest their food.

Anyhow, I am not sure if this scorpion would have been harmful to a cat. We kept a dog at my grandmother's house (she lives right on the edge of town) and they got a rattler in their yard. We freaked wondering if rattlers and scorpions could harm our dog, but my grandmother said it would probably just make the dog ill since their anatomies are different than ours (I have no way of knowing this for sure). But I am not sure about what a cat's reaction would be. If one of my animals was stung, I would certainly rush it to the vet just in case.

Sooo, I am not much help, but if anyone knows the answer to this, I am also very interested in hearing it too.
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with no ill effect. If they do get stung, unless they are in Mexico, the sting will feel similiar to a bee sting. Scorpions love to hide from the sun and especially love to hide in bark and under rocks. When you take your shoes off and put them on the floor, turn them upside down so the spider doesn't crawl inside to hide. I used to live in the high desert and learned the hard way to do this! I too got startled by a scorpion in my slipper! Didn't get stung though, but Mateuse, my tuxedo cat used to love to eat the darn things and never once did I have to take him to the vet for poison control
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I used to live in Central America and scorpions would always run across my foot when I was in the showerThey were the scary little red buggars that are I think are very poisonous. They totally freaked me out and still do when I think about it.
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