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Hello, I'm Cora and the ball of fur around here is Soloman. We recently took Soloman in because his family is in the military, moving overseas. He is our first cat, a very lovable but tempermental Siamese. We are excited to be part of this wonderful site.
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Welcome to the site Cora!

What a gorgeous kitty Soloman is!
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So nice of you to take in Soloman, it must have been hard for him to lose his (first) family. He is so beautiful and I look forward to seeing more pictures! Welcome to The Cat Site!
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ohh he is soo beautiful!! Welcome to the board!!!
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Welcome to the site Cora! Soloman is a very beautiful kitty!!!! How wonderful of your and your family to take this special little guy in under those circumstances. I'm sure his first family hated to part with him, but I'm sure they find comfort that he's with another family who loves him.
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welcome, cora!

bless you for taking in soloman. he is such a beautiful cat! i am sure he is very lucky to have you.
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Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, Soloman's family does miss him. Its been 6 months since we got him and he is ajusting very well. We don't know how we lived without him .
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Welcome! Bless your heart for being Soloman's angel He is a very handsome guy!
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Hi, Cora. I'm new here too. Soloman definetly looks like he has made himself at home. He's lovely. What a generous thing for you to do. Candy
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Awww He looks very well adjusted from the picture. He's adorable! How kind of you to take him in when his first family had to leave.
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My furbabies, Daisy n Venus, and myself wanna say hi and welcome, Cora!!

Hope u will have a blast here! i sure am!! i enjoy
the forum pages the most.

Cora, Soloman is very very beautiful and lovable indeed!:tounge2:


From another Newbie

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Hello Cora!!!!! What a lovely kitty you have. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do, there are very friendly people here.

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awww what a cutie!!! welcome to the board!!
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Welcome He looks just like my Siamese blue point Grayski!
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Welcome to TCS!! That is very generous of you all to take in Soloman...He is very beautiful!! I am sure you will enjoy it here!
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Welcome, and let me join the others in saying how good of you it was to take in a member of our military's cat. I live in a military town, and there are some of their animals going to the shelters here. There are many people taking part in a fostering program, but not enough. I would do it myself, but I just can't right now.
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Welcome. He looks like a little angel. Sooo cute.
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Hello Cora and Soloman,

Welcome and may I say Soloman looks right at home. I'm glad he found a home where there are people who love him. It's funny how you wonder how you ever lived without them. I feel the same way about Max.

Max's Mommy
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