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Evil car demons (long)

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I swear DH and I have them. My car's been running on three cylinders for a week now. We know what's wrong just don't have the $$$$ to fix it. DH has been having one problem after another with his truck. First his power steering pump pulley was locking up and it caused the alternator and water pump to mess up as well. His truck started to overheat and at first he thought the water pump was bad so he put in a new one. Then the alternator seized up but he had it tested and it turned out OK. So he replaced the power steering pump but then the alternator wasn't working again. Turns out that was just a fuse. Then a couple days ago he discovered that his power steering still doesn't work. Today he started his truck up to move it to the other side of the drive and he couldn't keep it running. It wouldn't idle for some reason. Can DH and I had some vibes to banish the car demons.
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Good car vibes on the way!!!
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sending vibes also. i had those things in my van this past week. all i did was drove through rainwater on the road and it knocked the belt off of the van, cost me 60 and an hour and a half off work getting it fixed. luckely my boss's brother fixed it for me!
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I think you just need a new car! Scrap the old ones and send those horrible little gremlins through the crusher as well!!
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