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Newby that needs help!

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Hey Everyone, I am new to the board. I actually joined because I need to find a home for my Himalayan and I need to know that she is going to a home that knows how to take care of her. I figured the best place is a forum that is about cats. I am very sad to have to find her another home but I don't know what else to do. I adopted her 2 months ago, I also have a persian that is 4 years old, since she had grown up around another cat I thought they would get along. Well, they do not get along and I have tried everything. My persian is hiding all the time and not using her litter box, I have two litter boxes so that they don't have to use the same one, but it doesn't seem to matter. I do not want to give her back to the lady that I adopted her from, because it seemed like she didn't really care about her. I love her to death, she is a great cat (2 years old) and very friendly, I just don't think it is fair for my 1st kitty that I have had 4 years for her to be miserable.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or would know of a good home for her.

I am in Kentucky, she is 2 yrs old and spayed.

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Seems to me I recall someone from Kansas who was looking for that kind of cat. Look on the introduction board and you might find it.
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If you want to talk to the new member from KS who is looking for a cat, the thread is here. Perhaps try sending them a private message?
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It starts out much, much earlier in the process than you're currently at, but have you read this article on this site? Do you have a door in your house somewhere, so you can have the two cats living apart but in your house for a few weeks, and then start the introductions from scratch again, using the towel method and all?
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I live in Ky. and might be willing to take on another cat (We have a Himalayan mix that we rescued several years ago and he is the king of our house)...we just adopted a kitten and are still making that adjustment, but we have a large house and both would be able to claim their own areas. Where are you in Ky?

(You can pm me if you prefer)
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