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Monday DT

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Wow...I've got to start a DT before!!

I'm really not in the mood to go to work today...the nice weather here has spoiled me rotten! Too bad I can't call in sick or something

At this moment, I'm just to tired to even move...but if I don't get up & get dressed I'm going to be late for work!
Hope everyone has a great day!!!
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Hi everyone I actually have some time off and can stop in and post.

Todays a pretty tense one for me so far. My mom went in for major surgery today and as of yet, theres no word on how it went. She went in at 8 am and its now 10 am here. I've been on pins and needles all morning. Please keep my mom in your thoughts today, and pray she comes through this ok

I'm trying to get caught up on housework to take my mind off things, but its not working very well so far

Sorry to be a downer- it just helps to vent sometimes. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday :rainbow:
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Its cold and raining. The dogs are playing in the mud, Rowdy has been on a rampage, since 4:45 and I don't think that I'm even going to get dressed, today.

Glad that I went and picked up Krispy Kremes, yesterday. Those tend to make me feel better.

I wish that the weather would stabilize, though. We get a week of 70+ days and, then it gets nasty again. Makes my arthritis ache. Pearl banged into one of my knuckles, last night and its swollen and painful, today. That dog has a hard head!

Hopefully, I can have a shower, tonight. Bill got the tub surround up but the adhesive and caulking needed to set. What I really need is a hot soak.
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Im getting my cable tv hooked up today. Yea! its been out since thursday. Its funny how a person can get so used to something. I had a hard time falling asleep with out the tv on. My grandma used to call it the 'idiot box'.
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melissa - your mother is in my thoughts and prayers - let us know how the surgery goes.

well, now that we are moving in a couple of weeks, we will be packing and thats going to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks, woohoo, i cant wait!

i am also at the edge of my seat, worrying if a war is going to happen. im so scared.

i hope everyone has a good day and bless you all.
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It's a beautiful day outside! My parents-in-law were not here this morning so I got to spend the day with Ron instead of working - Yeah! We had a long long strol in the sun. Everything is so green and the air is clear - the best possible weather.

Melissa - any news about your mom? Sending prayers and good thoughts her way!
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Not yet Anne Thanks for asking. I'm hoping to hear from my dad any time now.

Is anyone watching the news this morning? I'm wondering whats going to happen with Iraq- very scary
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March 17th was once a day to wear green and drink beer. Today, it's the "moment of truth". I feel physically ill about it all. Take care of yourselves. I hope the day turns out well for everybody.
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Melissa, sending positive energy to you and your mother. Let us know how things went. Not knowing is really the hardest part. (((HUGS)))

The weather is on everyone's mind here today. We have been at 60+ for 10 days, but there is a HUGE storm coming in. They are forcasting 1-3 feet of snow by Wednesday. It's already raining and it's supposed to turn to snow sometime this afternoon, whenever the cold front from up north makes its way down here. Some computer models are actually predicting up to 5 feet of snow!!! AND I'm in the foothills, which means we usually get more than the predicted totals for Denver. Can you say SNOW DAY????
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About Iraq....The US, UK and Spain have now said they don't want a new UN Resolution vote. The previous one already authorizes the use of force if Iraq didn't fully cooperate, and that one was passed unanimously. Bush has already advised that UN Inspectors get out of Iraq now. Looks like it's going to start this week. Saddam said last night in reaction to the press conference yesterday that Iraq will wage war all over the world against the invaders.

Anne, please, please be careful and stay safe! You, especially, are in all of our thoughts at this time.
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The suspense is the worst part. We need to get in there and get it over with. That madman shouldn't have been allowed as much time as he's had.

Hopefully, it won't take long. A report, yesterday on MSNBC, said that some of Saddam's tank battalions already have their white flags.
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okay, i started to rattle on about my opinions of the war, the enemy and the us attitude toward war, but it was getting a little too heated, so forgive my lack of comment to the war in this post. i will post another thread so that no one has to be subjected to my ramblings unless they want.

still home today. i may go in later. i feel okay but not great. i think it's mostly from lack of eating. but i am getting cabin fever and it is too nice to be stuck inside all day. unfortunately i was raised with the belief "if you are well enough to _____, you are well enough to go to school (work now).

melissa, hope your mom is doing okay.

heidi - have fun playing in the snow
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Happy St. Patrick's day! It's beautiful out (our high is supposed to be 70!) and I don't want to be at work. We had lunch catered today, with corned beef, cabbage, redskin potatoes and shamrock cookies. So, at least there was a slight reason to come in.

Melissa, I hope things go well with your mother.

Heidi, PLEASE don't send the snow this way! I'll try and send some warm sun.

Have a good day everyone!
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