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Codependant Cat, HELP!

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My cat is wonderful, the problem is i think he's obscessed and becoming codependant.
He follows me into every room, and if i am getting ready, or cleaning, and not stationary he meows at me the whole time (i dont give in and give him attention if he's behaving inappropriate). He wants me to sit down so he can zone out and make biscuits. Its so bad that when i was in the shower with the bathroom door closed he was pawing at the door and panick meowing if he heard me talk.But it really is getting bad.
I got my suitcase out Wednesday to pack, and he started blowing coat. thursday morning i came down to give him breakfast and there was hairball barf on the floor of his room. I hugged him good bye, and made sure he had breakfast, water, and a clean litter box and I left for Raliegh. Hubby called me on Friday and said the cat wont shut up and he's barfing yellow stringy froth. he says he's tried everything to get him to calm down, but that he wanders the house calling me, and no amount of comfort from hubby helps. When i called hubby from the airport today at 1pm he was still in bed because the cat is calling all the time, and constantly trying to get out of the house! He succeeded once and lee had to coordinate the dogs to help him herd the cat back, because he wanted nothing of being caught. Usually if he sneaks outside, you can just point a finger at him and tell him to come back in, bad kitty, and he goes.
So I get home and there's barf and poo all over his room, diarrhea all in his litter box, he's got barf on his mane, and lord knows what on his tail... but that cat was so happy to see me.

now I am not one to play into their manipulations, so i have never given any of my animals positive reinforcement for anxious behavior. he's drummed this up all on his own as far as i can tell. hubby can't put up with a howling cat for 4 days straight when i go out of town (which is at least once a month)

I am going to try the Feliway diffuser, but if that doesnt work the only other thing i can think of is giving him some ace or valium while I am gone, or drugs plus he gets boarded somewhere (which i hate because it's high stress and they always come home with a URI).

Has anyone else ever dealt with this? I have helped folks with these similar problems with dogs (as they are mostly owner induced), but this cat thing, ya got me!
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Are you absolutely positively sure that the crying/vomiting/hairballs is not a behavioral issue & perhaps medical?

I can understand some anxiety...but IMO I'd get him vet checked just in case. The poo all over, vomiting, crying, etc worries me.
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All of his vitals were good when i checked him this afternoon. If he continues with the pooing and vomit tomorrow he's going to the vet. I agree there's no reason to take a chance.
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Have you considered getting him a friend? Possibly a male of a similar age, but as much of a similar temperament as possible (that's how you match males, vs females that don't want any friends, or do best with younger males).
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Originally Posted by Larke View Post
Have you considered getting him a friend? Possibly a male of a similar age, but as much of a similar temperament as possible (that's how you match males, vs females that don't want any friends, or do best with younger males).
i was thinking that. he sounds like he needs someone that can be there for him all the time but not in a codependant way. a slightly younger, placid male would be good i reckon.
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Well, i am taking him to the vet. All his vitals were fine this morning and his behavior was great. I am having an allergy attack and spent most of the day in bed.
This afternoon Nanuk started meowing, so hubby brought him upstairs to be with me. Well Nanuk continued to meow, even while i petted him. No more than 30 seconds later he was having explosive diarrhea all over hubby's laundry! I flew out of bed and ran the clothes down into the washer, and rushed upstairs to get Nanuk, who had proceeded to barf mostly digested food onto the carpet.
Since then he's been fine, but even if it was stress induced he's not over this.
Maybe giardia? but with giardia he'd have an elevated temp. hmmm
i'll let you know what the vet says, i am hoping they have an opening tomorrow.

As for getting him a buddy, he's actually pretty close to the dogs. Paddy the tan one is his best friend. They nap every day together at around noon.
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Are you sure he is not digesting something he shouldn't?
Hope the vet visit solves the problem.
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Just from experience suspect it is stress causing illness. Yes, get him to the vet and also ask for bloodwork. Make sure his kidney and liver functions are okay. Also check his teeth and gums, look for redness, loose teeth, blisters or anything out of the ordinary including looking under his tongue. Also, take your little finger and open his mouth and quickly and gently push your little finger past his tongue not down his throat but almost. If he retches or gags and then vomits, ask the vet to look for obstruction.

Sounds like you both have bonded, he has marked you as his and changing his routine is upsetting to him. Stress can do nasty things for cats in regards of health.

Keep your suitcase out ALL the time. Put a blanket in it, leave it open and let him sleep in it. Get him to understand that seeing it isn't a big deal. When you leave, don't make a production of it. Say your goodbyes the day before to him, then just carry on like normal.

If he has Siamese in him, they are all talkers and generally only really bond to one person.
Good luck
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poor baby id try feliway AND the vet
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Hissy i think you've got him figured out.
We went to the vet and nothing is wrong with him except he's a little too attached.
She sent us home with dewormer just in case (he had no poo left to do a fecal, plus diahrrea generally doesnt have enough time to pick up parasites while it's whizzing thru their system)
He's been fine ever since. oh well, $85 for peace of mind i guess.

I do like the idea of the suitcase being out all the time, that makes sense. And i dont give him any drama when i am leaving.
I am going to try bach flower essences and the feliway diffuser and see if that helps.
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