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Corrupted Mozilla??

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Since Wednesday I've been having trouble with my computer. My ISP-People PC said their toolbar corrupt. I updated plus added their security pack and its even worse!!

Their tech desk said today that Mozilla was corrupt as the Firefox logo didn't load on the page but when I go to add/remove programs in control panel the programs do not load!! He told me to run regdit (sorry spelling) and I when in this H-K software system to delete. I don't know if the internet security package is causing any of these problems as I can't un install that either!!

However that still does not solve all my problems.. They are sending me and even better updated version of software this week (dial up) do I wait to see it that works or call back again??

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Have you tried installing Mozilla-Firefox again? Sometimes when I have browser issues, I will reinstall Mozilla and all is well again.
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The problem is I don't know how to delete a program without using the add/remove control panel.
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I believe you can run uninstall from this file:

C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\uninstall\\helper.exe

Depending on where you installed Firefox, path may change.
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I spoke the the person who fixed my laptop and he said to wait and try the new peoplepc software but if that doesn't fix the problem he can run a program to uninstall both Firefox and Explorer and re-install.

He said my inability to use the add/remove programs is most likely a windows problem and that should be fixable too.
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