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Home made cat wipes?

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I don't normally wash my indoor only cats however, I did go over them all with a commercial cat wipe which I think helped get rid of some loose fur and left them cleaner then they get otherwise. Anyway seems to me that using a wet wash cloth might do the trick for less money- and I'm sure this is less traumatic than a full on bath. However, I wondered if there is anything I could moisten the washcloth with, in addition to water, that might be good for their coats or help get them clean (but of course not harm skin or coat). The cat wipe ingredients say "hair and skin cleansers and conditioners" but don't specify what those are also apparently has vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Anyone have any advice/ideas?
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Maybe you should take a look at the stores for some spray no-wash/no-water cat shampoos and conditioners. I'm sure you could spray those on the washcloth with the water and get about the same results.

Here are a couple from PetSmart:

FURminator Waterless deShedding Shampoo and Conditioner for Cats
$12.95 per bottle

Dry Clean Waterless Cat Shampoo
$7.99 per bottle

Pet wipes seem to range from $5-7 per package of wipes, and it's all dependant on you/how many you use, in regards to how long they would last.

Good luck!
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You can use un-scented baby wipes, much cheaper than pet specific wipes.
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