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URI related ?

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I have 2 older cats at home, 10 and almost 17 which i vaccinate fully every 2 years (FVRCP-C, leukemia and FIP - I am actually not planning on vaccinating the 17yr old any more.) the 10 yr old got his FVRCP-C 3 days ago and the 17 should take it next week.
Last week i made the stupidity of bringing a stray sick cat that died, then a second one that is now hosted at the vet. some kind of URI i think. vet cannot say 100% sure what is it
My cats never made direct contact with these sick kitties which they were in a large dog carrier - like a cage.
With your experience and opinion, can my cats get any virus? I am terryfied and cat-hypocondriac, my stomach aches when i see them lick their noses. Their behaviour has not change.
How possible it is that they could get a virus from my clothes / air. I washed my hands very well after carrying sick kitties. Is there a way of telling if they got a virus? any tests? the 17 yr old is easy to take to the vet, the 10 year old is a nightmare... very stressed

ALL opinions are very important to me because I AM DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY WITH WORRIES and have a hard time sleeping at night.

Thank you a lot !!
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I don't know that much about this subject, hopefully some poster who knows more about feline contagious diseases will reply shortly!

I've read some pretty sophisticated cleaning procedures that some people use. And, it's true, depending on the virus, some can be transmitted in the air or on your clothes. On the other hand, since the cats didn't touch each other and you washed your hands, there is a very small chance that the virus could have infected your cats.

Since the surviving stray is at the vet, ask your vet what the risks to your cats are. Also ask your vet if he/she has a good guess on the incubation time for most upper respiratory infections. If it's been well over that time, and your cats are still fine, stop worrying.

And stop worrying anyway. If your cats are behaving fine, they are probably fine!
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You can get some sicknesses from the germs being on the clothes. my Vet told me that years ago when one of my Cats was sick.
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