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Need eye help

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One of my cats has been fighting an eye issue for the last few months. I wasn't happy with the way the first vet was treating it, so I took her to a new vet this past Thursday. He says she has a "lacrimal lake infection". The new vet gave her an eye ointment and Baytril. I started both medications, but noticed yesterday that she is squinting her eye and doesn't really want to open it (this is new). We plan on taking her back to the vet first thing monday morning, but I'm not sure what to do in the meantime.

I have an eye wash for cats...I could flush her eye. I'm hesitant to put the ointment in her eye, because I'm wondering if that might have made it worse.....or should I continue it?

Anyone have an experience with eye infections like this?
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Hi - I've battled many eye infections with my kitties. It sounds like he has only been on the medications since last Thursday/Fri.? Generally an antibiotic would start working after the 3rd day or so. I'm not certain what kind of ointment you have, but generally it needs to be used for 7-10 days. I would check back with the vet and see what she says about continuing to use it. Sometimes eye infections can take a while to clear up.
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patchy lacerated her 3rd eyelid last summer and squinted for a few weeks after it was healed. i think it was just habit lol
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