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I did it!!! Haircut

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Some of you might not be impressed but I fell in love with Katie Holmes haircut a few months back and really wanted to get it done but never trusted my self to do it, 6 weeks ago i went and got my haircut and my new hairdresser reccomended this do for me but i was too chicken!

Yesterday i went to the hairdresser and bit my teeth at the amount of hair she cut off, I want long hair for the wedding but it was just so boring for the manwhile. After she dried it and styled it i couldnt believe it!!

I am really proud and so happy!
I will get photos when i have time. especially when i go on holidays in two weeks but this is the hairstyle i have at the moment

Best part of it is that i can keep this hairstyle till i get married as my parents said they will pay for the hair extensions
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Waiting for your picture.
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Cute! Yep, waiting on pics! And yay! about the hair extentions !
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I think it's cute!!!!
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Can't wait to see the piccies hun! It's a really cute little do, so I'm sure it's gunna look great on you!
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Can't wait to see photos of your new haircut - it sounds so pretty!
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I love that cut! I bet it looks good on you, too.
I have been debating for a year now to get my hair cut short. Good for your for just doing it!
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