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New cat - humps ME.

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I have a new kitten who is almost 9 mos now, who's been with us since he was about 5mos. When he first came home, he was sick from the shelter - eye and stomach infections, had to treat him three times a day, so he couldn't be fixed immediately. Both cats sleep in the bed with me, and normally they curl up together at my feet, but one day my older cat suddenly started hissing at the kitten. Fast forward a few minutes, and the kitten is up on me, and suddenly he starts shaking. At first I'm really worried - I think maybe he is having some kind of seizure, and I'm about to get up and rush him to the emergency vet, when suddenly he bites my wrist and I realize he's humping my arm. It is exceedingly hard to get a horny boy kitty off one's arm, by the way. I finally get him off (I transferred him to my other boy cat, who just kinda let him do his thing) and am told it will be at least a week before I can get him in to be fixed. The afternoon he comes home from being neutered, I figured I'd have a break from his normal hyper-active humpy self. Not so. That afternoon he attempted to hump me again (always my right arm). Now it's been two months since he's been fixed, and he is STILL trying to hump my arm. He gets on top of me, starts kneading (he kind of searches with his mouth around when he's kneading also, and sometimes will suck on a finger if he can find one) and almost gets in a trance before WHAM! he's biting my wrist and mounting my arm. Shouldn't this be over? I mean...he's fixed...why is he still doing this? Is there a way to make him stop? My mom thinks it's hilarious and said I didn't need to take him to the vet, but I'm starting to think maybe I do. The only thing I can do is move him onto the other cat, but most times he just tries to get back on me.
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There are several threads that have addressed this issue. You may find a resolution in them.

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