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feline pine pellets

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I finally got my little guys converted over to the non clumping feline pine (and got to thoroughly vacuum my apartment last night...bye bye clumping feline pine!!!)
Anyway.. I'm using it without the sifting box for right now while I test the smell factor and tracking factor. Wouldn't want to go out and build my own (Chester's butt is too big for the ones they sell ) to figure out I don't really like it.

Either way, how often should I be throwing out the sawdust remains? Got the poop bit covered, and am doing it daily, but obviously I don't want to be separating pellets from dust every single day until I make my new box. What do you do?
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Well I use the pellets and I will separate the pellets from the dust part every other day. Don't want to let the pine break down totally. That would retain the smell too long.

BTW I'm using the wood stove pellets - not the pine ones. I can get a 40 lb bag for less then $4 at the feed/farm store.
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This might sound weird, but I have an emotional response to the wood pellets. I used to be really into guinea pigs....some people would use the pellets for the piggers and of course, there was always talk about the stove pellets...
Thing is that most stove pellets are held together with glue and some have a lighter element to them, so people had to be very careful to get compressed wood pellets, which were harder to find.
I'm sure the glue wouldn't hurt the cats, although I'd be cautious over the flammable part....but it always makes me stop when someone on here talks about using wood pellets.
Might be worth it to seek out the stuff you use however. Its amazing the things you can buy at feed stores that they sell for a million times more at petstores (ie: hay, chicken feed, these pellets)

every other day it is! Thanks!
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The bag reads "100% natural wood - no additives" and its a hardwood kind. So I'm assuming no additives means no glue.
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