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Liquid "vomit"

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My 9 month old female throws up this clear liquid substance once in a while. Has anyone experienced this and know what might cause it?

I'm thinking allergies but I don't know...
Thabks for any input
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Maybe food allergies... my female persian had this a few years back, although her vomit was kind of foamy as well. Turned out she was allergic to the food she had been eating for years. We switched the food and she is fine now.
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Thanks for sharing 2furbabies. Guessing from the lack of replies maybe it's not so common...
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mine have done this on occasion... i think it's from hairballs, since it just looks like saliva. i usually don't start to worry about vomiting until it's frequent or weird looking [blood, etc.].
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Hmm, interesting laureen227. I haven't seen a hairball yet and my two (9 months old) are indoor only...strange huh?!
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My girl will vomit clear foamy stuff once in a while and usually I find a hairball under the bed. I don't worry unless she is behaving unwell.
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Ever since I switched Matilda from Nutro Natural Indoor Dry to Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck, she vomits a lot.

When she vomits right after eating and there is still food visible (gross, I know), it's typically because she ate too fast.

When she vomits and there are cylinder looking hair clumps, it's a hairball (she has long hair).

Sometimes she vomits and it's just the liquid and no hairball. I think it's related to hairballs in some way, like there is one she needs to get rid of. I don't know.

I found this link helpful:
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A few of mine will do this occasionally, I don't worry about it unless there is any kind of other weird behavior or something weird in the vomit. Sometimes it is clear, or slightly yellowish, or foamy, and occasionally a little hairball in it.
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I've had all varieties of cat vomit with mikey. If it's clear, it could be from just being hungry. And empty stomach and stomach acid don't make a good mix. Mikey also vomits saliva when he eats something he shouldn't have eaten, like my flip flop, a crumb, a piece of his own name it, he eats it.
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