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Sunday. What's On Your Agenda

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Morning All!!!

Sunny but chilly here this morning, hopefully it will warm up as the day goes on.

The damp weather the last few days are playing havoc with my old joints and bones leaving me really achy.

Heading off to work for a bit, shouldn't be to long of day I hope.

Nothing special planned for afterwards, just same old, same old..

Kitties are great this morning, sunbathing on the living room floor right now..All three are trying to fit into at the most a two cat sunspot..

Everyone have a super day..
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Packing in the morning, packing in the afternoon, packing in the evening. Oh what fun we have!
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well himself was supposed to be home over an hour ago and we're going out for dinner. If he actually COMES home.
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We're skipping Church today, going out for breakfast and going to see a Fashion Show at our favorite dress shop on Ocean Isle.
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Having an Ebayer come pick something up around noon, gotta go to the optometrist's office to deal with an issue and basically try to get some cleaning done around the house. Not fun. Only good thing is that I start my new job tomorrow! :P
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Catching up on sleep.
Cuddling with the kitties.
Parents left this morning after being here two weeks

Looking up websites to ship more parcels to Australia, my parents shipped out 5 boxes, but DHL wouldnt let them ship out a couple of other ones because of the size.

Might continue with our Engagement invitations
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Its chilly but sunny today so thats nice! I am headed to the gym in a few..and after that will be putting laundry away and getting the dishes done. Then maybe some napping with Trout
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Well, it is sunny today and going to be in the 80s like it was yesterday.
I am going to salsa today as per usual. DH and I were going to go skiing in the Sierras, but it is going to be in the 70s there with slushy snow.
Might eat Mexican for lunch because our daughter is home from college and she can't get authentic Mexican food in upstate NY.
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I'm not doing too much today. It is my day off and I am kind of sleepy today. We got in a little late last night after going to Applebees for dinner and then to the movies to see Prom Night. Since we went to London, its a half an hour drive back after the movie is over.
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Yesterday was for fun. We went to Scarborough Faire, a renaissance fair down south of Dallas. Had a very good time. Then we had dinner at Cheddars with some friends.

Today I removed the mini-water-heater I installed Friday. It wasn't working. Looked like it had an electrical problem, so I disconnected all the plumbing, took it back to Home Depot, and got a replacement. Before I installed it, I checked to be sure it was operating. Installed it, plugged it in, no worky. Dang.

Then Dottie pointed out I had it plugged into the outlet for the garbage disposal. Turned the switch on. Worky.

So I had to go over to Home Depot and admit to them that the one I had returned probably worked just fine.

Then I got a cord to plug it in by the refrigerator. Pulled out the fridge. Yuck!!! So we cleaned the floor, and I removed the covers to get the cat fur off the coils and improve the efficiency.
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