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Morning Meowing!

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Hi Everyone! Brand new to the forums and had what I concider an issue with our cats. About 6-8 in the morning they start meowing at our bedroom door. Both me and my wife know that they want food but as our schedules are a little off waking up around 6 anyways is early for us and not the happiest campers around that time. If I feed them more or give them more than they could eat they will bendge until they're sick. Maybe if we changed their feeding time this will push back there want for food later? Also about how much food do you feed your cats and how many times a day?

Any help will be apreciated unfortunatly I'm not a cat person by any means but my wife is and I hate to loose my temper over something that oviously can be changed or controlled.
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Welcome and I'm sorry you are not a cat person. Maybe they will change your mind about that , but I guess it's not at 6am I know some other members will respond with their suggestions . I have not this problem, so I cannot really comment. Are they dry food eaters? I always thought of trying this...

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Well, feeding them as soon as you get up is a sure way to turn them into furry alarm clocks.

And they naturally get active right around dawn.

We feed our cats dry food that they can have whenever they want it, but we give them some wet food morning and evening (just a tiny bit, as a treat). They don't wake us up, but they DO think 5 a.m. is feeding time.
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If they are dry food eaters I would recommend feeding them just before you go to sleep. This way they aren't "starving" at 6am and are less likely to insist you get up to fill their bowls. If they eat wet food, try to change your morning feeding routine. Don't feed them until after you've had a shower, etc. This way they won't associate you getting out of bed with them getting breakfast.
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This is a very common problem with cats. You can get a timed feeder and have that device feed them at 5:30am so they aren't annoying you for food, and feed them a snack of wet food right before your bedtime. If you feed a cat first thing when you wake up, they will up that time more and more. It isn't a good habit, they will continue to pester the crap out of you until they have trained you to feed them on demand.
Here is a demo
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