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Oh no... my tomato plants need help

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I think there's something wrong with my newborn tomato plants The leaves in all 3 cherry tomato and 1 of my italian tomato plants are looking sick.

Here's what they look like:

What is wrong? Too much water? Not enough? Not enough light? Too much light?
They're kept by the window and get some direct sunlight in the morning (not for a couple of days because it's been cloudy) and lots of indirect light. I keep the soil nice and moist.

Help. I don't know what the plants are trying to tell me and I need some tomato-plant to English translation.
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I don't know anything about growing tomatoes

I did find these links for you:

Here are some links from horticulturists about tomatoes. Some look excellent.

For this one keep clicking on the pictures. Eventually you get to a printed solution to the problem of the image you clicked on:

You could also take it to a garden centre and ask them. They are more likely to know based on the appearance and feel of the soil.
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Looks like too much water. See how they are shriveling and browning at ground level?
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I'm no gardener, either, but one thing I did learn when I had plants was that humidifying usually really helps when they're still in pots. I misted them a couple of times a day, or put them on a layer of gravel in a tray and kept the tray half-full of water. Just a thought.
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Yep, I think too much water too . You may be able to save them- I don't know. Better a little on the dry side than overwatered- that can cause root rot. Good luck . I forgot to start mine last month- I guess mine will be a little late this year, or I may just cheat and buy the plants in a pot...
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are you keeping them nice and warm? tomatoes do like the heat.
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too much water is possible. I think I have been a little overzealous with the watering. All the other plants are fine, except the spinach also has a few spots like that.

It's not very warm either. I'm not sure how I can fix that, short of turning up the heat in the whole apartment.
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Try keeping the plants on top of the refrigerator, where the warmth from the motor will help.
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You can also place them on a heating pad!! Don't water them for a while and then if/when the second set of leaves emerge transplant them to a deeper pot.
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Well, the leaves look about the same... except that most of the plants now have a tiny second set of leaves

I'll transplant them tonight and move them on top of the fridge.

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Sorry, I have a black thumb so I don't give advice..but I'm glad they are doing better.
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