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Teddys operation

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Teddy got "the big snip" the other day! We got to the vet and he started growling and hissing and carrying on but he was so happy to see us when we picked him up that afternoon! The vet said he will probably be a bit sleepy becos of the anaesthetic and painkillers, but he was SOOOO hyper when we got him home i couldn't beleive it! He is now walking around with a bare bum! hehe
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It's unbelievable how fast the boys recuperate When I had 5 of my young ones done, the four males were up and about even before we got home. I felt sorry for the little girl who had to stay in the cattery separated from the others.
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Brandy was neutered the same time he had his operation to repair his leg, so his recovery was rather long winded...poor kitty spent 8 weeks in a cage...

Best thing about it now, is that he has become very cuddly
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Glad to hear he's had a good recovery! Boys usually do, Sonic shot out of his carrier and was leaping off the wardrobe within a few seconds of getting home The only one of mine who had a longer recovery was Radar because he had a hernia repair at the same time which involves a lot of muscle healing afterwards, he was dosed up on painkillers and the poor lad was all wobbly that first night. But even with loads of stitches in his abdomen he was back to normal within a few days, although it took ages for his fur to grow back bless his little pink belly
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