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I defy you not to get emotional

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Well I started to watch the first in Britain`s got talent last night, the usual no hopers were there, and then apart from Scala who turned up ( really good and obviously will make it

This young boy came on. Andrew Johnson who has been bullied at school for his talent, a must see, there is a couple of short adverts to sit through before he sings, but is well worth it, Enjoy!!
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That's just amazing!! What breaks my heart is the fact that he's not going to have that voice in three years time.
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Thats so true, but the chances are they will be recording his voice way before the show finishes.
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Of course, he'll be the next big thing since Charlotte Church - just as long as he doesn't turn ito the spoiled little diva that she did.
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The show last night was fantastic! But I did notice a few there that shouldn't have even been let on stage in the first place, it was like OMG!

But my favourite, had to be the 13 year old boy named Andrew, his voice just blew me away, it brought tears to my eyes!
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I wasnt able to watch it it says service not available
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OMG, he has the voice of an angel! I'm guessing he made it through to the next round????
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Absolutely beautiful. I had to see it twice. What a special child, perservering and wanting to make more of himself. I am so glad he is sharing his talent.
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That was beautiful - brought tears to my eyes. But this is similar to the guy who sang opera on last year's show and won in the end. Both are hopefully going to be on the same road as Pavarochi (sp?) who we just lost. I'm sure they are aiming to fill his shoes in the future as a male opera star
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