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Strange find on the Internet!

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Tonight while I was killing time on the Internet, I thought I'd type in my last name and that there is a town in Germany by my last name. My last name is Endorf...so it's not exactly common in the US. I've attached a few links just in case if anyone was interested. I'm just amazed by all of this!

Sorry if I bored anyone...just thought I'd share what I found with all of you!
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It's so cool what you can find on the internet!

I tried looking up my grandmother's name and was able to find the document from the Canadian immigrant records when she first came to Canada (via Nova Scotia)!

For my mother's birthday this year, I am requesting a copy of this record. Along with some old pics and a history of the ship she arrived on I will be making this into a shadowbox gift.

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What a awesome gift! I'm sure she'd love it!!

The only bad part of finding all of this info is the fact that I can not read it! I don't know a single word of German and therefore it's a bit challenging for me to understand any of it! I just look at the pictures and imagine what is being said. Did you check out the second link? That one has some great pictures....some of those places are beautiful! This almost makes me want to go there some day just to see what it is like. I'm sure it's completely different than Nebraska!! LOL!!!!
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Shell, go to this website and you can cut and paste the text into this online translator. It won't be perfect, but you will get the general meaning!

Language Translator

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Shell, we've got some German members, too. Elisabeth Provo comes to mind. You might be able to e-mail it , to one of them and get it translated that way.
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that's really cool! hope you get some good info out of a translation.

i know this is going the road of do you know so and so in nebraska, but there is a family with the name endorf that runs an appliance store in bettendorf, ia. i never realized it was an uncommon name.
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OH MY GOD! Jan...those are some of my relatives! I'm not kidding either! I'm not sure exactly how they are related, but they are in our family tree! I actually forgot all about them until you wrote that!! Wow...you gave me chills! I asked my Dad when I first stumbled across their website years ago and he said that they're actually from the area I live. It is such a small world...I'm just shocked that you know who some of my distant relatives are!!
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how cool is that? now i have met two people here who have relatives nearby me. i don't know them, but my husband does.
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Here is another link to a site about a town named Endorf. Thought I'd share this one too...
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i like Germany... lots of castles.. i have not been to Endorf, but the rhine valley cruise was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!

Cheers! (Hey the beer mugs there are HUGE!!) (just being silly)

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Originally posted by pohchoowan
i like Germany... lots of castles.. i have not been to Endorf, but the rhine valley cruise was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!
my brother tried to take a picture of every castle along the rhine when we went on a rhine cruise -- until my parents took the camera away from him!! i can't remember how many rolls of film he went through.
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If you go to google and search for your name with "quotes" around it, you will be able to find some interesting information about yourself, if you are active on the internet....
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Found this picture of Neuchshutian castle (taken along the Rhine):

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Oh.. another one (taken along the Rhine):
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