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Calling all gardeners! Bare root roses.........

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I am looking for advice and methods of bare root rose planting, preferably pots. Any one have experience with rose gardening? I would really appreciate your methods and/or advice..............
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My mom was a master rose grower and I learned 2 tips from her that I'll share. The first had to do with the "bud union", which is part of the plant where all nutrients develop for roses. It looks like a ball at the base of where the branches form. Any branch that comes out of the plant under the bud union will never bloom (a sucker), and you should always remove these as it takes away from the rest of the plant. The bud union can be next to the soil, but never under the soil. When you plant a rose outside, the height of the bud union above the ground is done in relation to how cold it is in your area. The warmer the climate, the higher the bud union over the ground. I'm not sure how high you would plant it in a pot (sorry). Protect the bud union at all costs by never letting it freeze (thus the height on outdoor planting) and if you leave the pots outside over winter, cover at least this portion of the plant.

The second: mom's best roses were ones that she grew in Arizona where the soil was pretty sandy. Her theory was that roses really didn't like over rich soil, and liked to dry out somewhat between waterings. You can drown a rose by over watering it.

Her favorite type of rose: Tea roses. My favorite type of rose: old fashioned or old world roses. Pick the kind you like best, but tea roses are more particular.
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You got some really good advice already. I've done bare root rose planting and they are fine.

Here is a little blurb on page 2 ....

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Depending on your climate many bare root roses aren't winter hardy. Many people buy them as throw aways knowing they will get that season with them and not having them survive the winter.
Always soak your bare root roses over night in a bucket of water before planting.They like a well draining fertile soil.Dig a hole deep enough so you can make a small mound of dirt to set the bud union area on and wide enough to spread the roots out without crowding..water well then add good rich organic soil..I alway throw in some blood meal...Tamp down and water well.
As your planting in pots make sure you have a good sized pot.. Being in a pot they will have to be watered more often as they will dry out quicker. And storing them in a garage during the winter to protect them..
You should start seeing new growth soon. When you water don't get the leaves wet if possible as this encourgages Black Spot and Powdery Mildow. usually you will have to use a spray to help prevent that during the growing season..Also be on the look out for Japenese beetles!!! They will destroy a rose bush over night! I always have to Spray for thoses Seven Spray works good for the Beetles.

Keep them well watered and well fed roses are heavy feeders I fertilize them weekly during the budding stage .
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Here's one of those "old wive's tales." I've been told that roses love potassium, so the occasional banana peel in the soil around them helps them a lot.

Disclaimer: I am not a gardner, don't play one on TV, and didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But Dottie's roses are impossible to kill.
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I do throw all my banana peelings around my rose bushes. I dig them in abit and let them rot..
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Then I wasn't just being kidded, huh? Glad to hear it.
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Actually the bud union method you describe doesn't work here in Wisconsin. We have to plant the graft below the soil several a good 3 inches.

You can go on the American Rose Society's website for info.

Hybrid teas do not survive without heavy winter protection and even that doesn't work all the time. Grandifloras and Florabundas can have survival probs too.
That is why I plant shrub roses-you can contact me for suggestions!!
Gardenandcats gives great advice!!
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