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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
My 3 are all indoor cats. Do they miss the outside world?, no, because they've never been used to going outside, and being inside i know where they are, what their doing and who their with

No, i'll have to disagree with you there i'm afraid. As my vet said if their kept inside, especially from being a kitten they won't know anything different and it's far from cruel. I think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to keeping them inside.
absolutely right. although shinobi was found outside at 12 weeks old, he panics when the front door is open. he is still traumatised by whatever happened to him out there so i would never ever let him go out.

the peace of mind i feel and the obvious content my cats have is enough to know i am doing the right thing keeping them in. the cats have company, canine, feline and human, that they enjoy, plenty of room to run riot, and most importantly they are safe.

to keep them in from the begining is the way to go.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
I'm sorry, but that is not true. Indoor cats can and do still get worms and diseases, you can carry disease into the house on your shoes etc.
It is far, far less likely. Mine have been flea and parasite-free their entire lives (except kittenhood; most kittens get roundworms passed on from their mother and since all mine were found, they had them then).

Originally Posted by davecat View Post

If you live on a busy road then maybe its not a good idea to get a cat unless you have a very large house where the cat can freely roam and have privacy too.
Like I posted above, I lost 2 (and almost 4) to cars on a very non-busy, private gravel road. My cats have plenty of open windows (safely screened), bird feeders, toys, people and cat furniture to keep them busy.

Since my cats have never known the outdoors (except one), they are perfectly happy indoors. Losing a cat to something so easily preventable is heartbreaking. I still regret ever letting mine out in the past. They can live full, happy lives indoors.
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Originally Posted by plainjane View Post
Indoors, indoors, indoors....Health reasons, longevity reasons, safety reasons...Cats may not be completely 'tamed,' but I do believe they are not meant to survive on their own nowdays.
Trout stays in at all times. Too many dangers outside IMO.
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Mary my 3 year old was found outside and has absolutely no interest in going outside. Once she got out and she cried until we found her.
I think the outside roaming thing is a myth though I have met a woman who built a fabulous enclosure for her rescues. She would bring them in when it was cold but for the summer they were in the enclosure. Her yard was totally fenced on top of that. She made sure they were safe.

I don't keep my cats in for personal gain. I keep them in because it is safer for them. The chances of catching something is much much slimmer than if they were out.
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Indoors only.
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All cats I had, have and will have will be Indoors only!! They are allowed on the screen porch when they want, and on an occasional walk around the block on a leash.
All of my indoor kitties have been very, very happy, and a lot started out on the streets
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Indoor only. I only have one cat, I won't take the chance of her getting ran over and killed, abused by humans that don't like cats, hurt/killed by a dog, getting hurt by another cat, and all of that type of stuff. Not a chance I am willing to take when the stakes are so high. She is happy indoors.
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Mine are indoor only and always have been (Jaffa will be 11 in June and Mosi is 2). I'd catproof my garden if I had one, or build an outdoor enclosure, but I live in a flat and don't have a garden, so they are indoor only. Would they enjoy going out? Yes, I'm sure they would - at least Mosi would, I'm not so sure about Jaffa. Do they know what they're missing? No, because they have never been outside and they have lots of toys and cat trees to entertain themselves with indoors.
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There's not really a choice in our city, by the way. Cats that are outdoors and not on your own property are subject to pickup by Animal Control. No free-running animals of any kind allowed.
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All our domestic cats stay indoors. However, they can go outside to get some sun, in the secure perimeter of our bobcat enclosure. This perimeter area is very secure. No other animals (or humans) can get in and the cats can not get out.
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Mine are outdoors. They do come in sometimes (especialy in the winter) but they sleep outside. There's a constant source of water and their food is put out twice a day, and they have a heat lamp to keep thm toasty warm at night. Are they happy? Yes. Would they like to come inside? Yes. Unfortunately for me I'm still living at home, and will be for another four years. Once I move out there's no question that I'll be taking me furbabies with me though.

Cats living outside is a fact of life. In most cases it'd be nicer to keep them inside, but as long as they have a vet, food, water, love, and attention, I feel that it's not cruel either way. While I myself would love to have them indoors, both of my parents object to that (my mom because of fur and my dad because of his fear of litterbox problems). Unless I somehow manage to convince them to let my kits stay permanently inside, I'm afraid they're going to have to be outdoors. However, they're happy about it, and IMO it's best to have them outdoors here than bring them to the shelter or some other place because I can't keep them inside.
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My girls are all inside cats, but Stumpy is allowed out for an hour or so to explore during the day when I'm home. Mainly because she drives me nuts otherwise.

We're in a sprawling townhouse complex, and behind us is a big grassy area, then more townhouses, then an internal road. Out the front of my place is another internal, then a REALLY tall fence, a school, then the main road is past the school. So there's no main roads near me, Stumpy is scared of cars, and generally just stays on my neighbours back deck which gets lots of sun (or in my neighbours house if her back door is open).

She generally meows when she's ready to come back in, and always comes running when I call her. There's risks to her being outside, and I'd prefer she was indoor only, but the benefits outweigh the risks.
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if i try to leave mine inside they go crazy, at night time if i dont let them out they annoy the out of me
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I agree, it is much safer indoors, but unfortunetly not all cats are willing to accept that. One of my cats behaviour changed drastically so I went to the library and found as many books as possible about cats and behaviour (wish I would have known about this forum then) and I read that it is cats nature to roam and "own" and area that is a one mile radius. Some cats can actually go "crazy" from being confined and not able to do what is natural instinct to them. I started letting my boy out, "supervised" and I could tell immediately how much happier he was. He often sits on the back porch and doesnt even go anywhere. Just enjoys the fresh air. I am not an expert and all cats are different, but it was what my cat needed.
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I agree that a lot does depend on the cat. My husband always had indoor/outdoor cats and I noticed the different personalities straight away. Spike LOVED being an indoor cat. He only went outside to go to the bathroom in the garden. His mother, on the other hand, went absolutely crazy during the few weeks they kept her in. She just loved the outdoors.

I was worried about our kittens when we took them in. I personally didn't want to let them outdoors. We live very near a busy road and we don't have a cat flap or anything, so I would hate for them to not be able to access the indoors whenever they wanted. Also, they were semi-feral kittens we took in off the street, so I was concerned they would hate being cooped up. But they don't. They have no interest in going outside whatsoever. My husband jokes that because they spent the first few months of their lives just trying to survive, they are grateful to have all their needs taken care of.
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Ive always let my cats rome outside all day, and then let them come and go as they please. At night, I brought call them inside with a yummy dinner waiting (that will always get them in!!) Although they have never been the cleanest cats, they were always happy and adventurous, makes for amazing and happy personalities...

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Mine are indoor only. Although, I am planning on building a cat inclosure this summer so they can have a taste of outside life.
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What kind of cat enclosure are you building???
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Brady is an ex-feral who was born outside and lived on his own out there until he was about 1 yr old. I honestly don't think he would be content to be indoors only, even if he does appreciate having a soft bed and a full food dish. We have plenty of our own land so there is no danger from cars, neighbors, or jerks. Brady gets flea and tick protection, just like the dogs do. The only real danger is from fisher cats and other predators who live in the woods. One of my dogs patrols our property and makes sure that wild animals are held at bay. He's even run off the occasional stray or neighbor cat on our property.
But each to his own and each depending on their own situation.
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My cats are all indoor only and I don't feel bad one bit! Not to say I look down on folks who let their cats out because I don't. There are some cats that just won't be had as indoor only. And different cultures where it is the norm. But I'm stingy and want my babies to be as healthy and live as long as possible! I will take them out in the pet stroller sometimes.
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Ours are indoor because we don't really have a choice -- we live on the 4th floor of an apartment building. We do let them out on the balcony in the warmer months, though, which they enjoy.

We grow some catnip on the balcony too...
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I am dreading the warm weather. I have a very large deck and the thought of me sitting on the deck and seeing my 2 boys watching me thru the sliding glass doors and not being outside with me is causing me anxiety. My 7 year old was an indoor/outdoor and my 4 year old only had gone out with a harness. I had a bad flea infestion last summer...treated them with frontline, had the house exterminated and they haven't been out since last July.

I do not want to let them out at all for all the various reasons and I know I am doing the right thing.

How do I get over this feeling of guilt and the fact that i don't want to use my deck because I don't want them to feel bad???
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I keep my cats indoors. And I think that's where they belong. Persians are laid back, lazy cats anyway and they don't seem to care about going out. They do like to sit in the living room window and watch the birds. Also, it would be a lot harder to maintain those long, thick, flowing coats if they were outdoor kitties. My cats do not suffer because I keep them indoors. They are very happy and healthy!

On the other side of the coin.... Although I feel it is better to keep domesticated animals indoors, I'm not horribly opposed to people who have outdoor cats. Some cats have more of that wild instinct and just won't be kept inside. Sometimes you just have to take the risk for the happiness of the cat.
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I keep both my cats indoors but there is always a sunny window ledge with the window open available to them I think keeping your cats indoors is the way to go because there are certain things they can't get into or hurt by if they dont go outside
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