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Another question about Pixel

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Hi all, I have another more happy question about Pixel. She will be sitting there minding her own business not saying a word.

Then I go into the bathroom and she runs to the door and goes nuts, meowing like crazy till I let her in. She loves watching me shower and listening to thee water. She also loves to drink out of the sink, is this normal, why does she like the bathroom so much?

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I can't tell you why, but there is a post in the "cat lounge" called "bathroom cats" where you can read that you're not alone! Some people can't use the toilet without their kitties demanding attention. My own Willie gets very nervous when I go in the bathroom and waits for me to return outside the door. He hasn't tried to go in recently, but that may be because he shut himself in for 1/2 hour a couple of weeks ago... I had been wondering where he had wandered off to!
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Maybe it's because where you are, behind closed doors?
I saw a post on another board about if our cats were peeping toms, when it came to the showers and there were so many of them! Including my Asim. He HATES the water, specially the misty shower water, he sticks his head in the side getting poured on meowing this cry at me like "What are you doing Angel, this water his horrible, we must get you out of here!"
Asim and Isha used to (and sometimes still do) watch the toliet flush, they would hear the noise of someone peeing or the toliet flushing, and they would come running to put their paws up on the toliet edge and look over as the water swirled around.

Sometimes my cats will all wait at the door, stick their paws under, try to push the door open or meow when I'm behind a closed door, including the bathroom, when I come back out and open it their all just like "HI!"

As for her drinking from the sink, does the tap leak? Animals like what appears to them to be a "natural stream" so a dripping faucet is prefect for them, it actually encourages them to drink MORE water as so many of us are worried about our animals not drinking enough every day. This is why they have those autmotic filtererd water fountains for cats!
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Pixel is sure not alone! Spike has to be in the bathroom when I'm in there... if I try to go by myself, he meows pitifully, sticking his little white paws under the door trying to pull himself under it.
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Maybe she just wanna be close..my Venus stays really close by.. (like outside the sliding door)...

She would just wait and wait and wait till she sees her mommy again...

Daisy, on the other hand, just gives meows and meows, happy to see me, i guess.. at least that is what i think..hehe!

My Daisy in a car ride:
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I have a cat that perches on the shower ledge when I take a shower and then comes in when I am finished and chases the drops down the drain.

When we are in the hot tub outside, we typically have 5 cats at least sitting on the edge of the tub (until we turn the jets on) then they scatter.

My vet believes it just has something to do with running water, toilet, sink, shower, bath. He also believes that water left on the floor of the bathroom will entice even the best behaved cat to pee on the floor- so I make sure there is no water to be found on my bathroom floor. Cats are actually fascinated with running water...
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my kittens do the same thing, for what seems to be common reasons, that I think it's because I am behind a closed door, (sometimes I just go in the fix my hair/ makeup... so they can not watch me, so I let them in, they meow and rub my legs, they will also watch the toilet flush and run to the bathroom when they here someone peeing...
it's so funny, cat's have very good senses I think though, because let's say my kitten is sleeping on the couch in the living room, if I leave and go to the bedroom,(I've tried this even by leaving very quietly) he will come to the bedroom and continue to sleep, just a little while after I leave! Anyone else's cat do that?
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My cat Monkey loves to drink bath water, he comes running when you turn on the faucet.

He was watching my son take a bath the other day, and I noticed about an hour later when he came and sat by me (the cat) that his head and back were slightly damp, and smelled like mango. Turns out my son tried to wash the cat's hair with the mango scented cat shampoo that I left by the tub. When I asked him about it he said that Monkey liked getting washed, but didn't like getting rinsed, that's why there was some shampoo still on him.
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