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kitty wont eat much and sleeps a lot

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my kitty (he is about 9 months old) had a feaver and the vet gave him antibiotics, he would just sleep alot and not be "himself". he also had an abscess on his side, but that is gone now.

he seems to be doing a little better, except that he is pretty skinny and wont eat as much. he will only take a few nibbles and whenever we stick food in front of him he will "meow". he also would try to eat litter sometimes. he seems to only want to sleep alot too. im gonna take him to the vet again tommrow but is these any signs of somthing serious?
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How long has he been on the Antibiotics. Meeko did that last Jan when she had a almost 105 Fever. She just slept and would not eat or drink. We almost took her back to the Vet. They told me to use baby food to try to get her to eat. We were already to go back on that Monday but she starting eating that day. He is on Clavamox? She was. It can make Cats feel Sick.
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I second the how long???

also does the baby have a URI ?? if so it may be hungry yet cant smell the food
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he is on Clavamox and has been for about 5 days. we tried giving him baby food but he only ate a bit of it.

he doesnt have an URI.

we left the vet a message(theyre not in today...) and on monday we will see what the vet says. i am hoping it is just the medicine doing its thing and he will get better soon.

could the medicine not be working maby as well and he needs another?
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Clavamox can make them get a upset stomach. Coco had to be switched to Cephalexin. Meeko did finish the Clavamox for her fever and got better. It took about 5 days before she would eat on her own. She would just lay there and want nothing too. Sometimes meds have to be changed. See what your Vet says. Coco my old Cat had to be on 6 Bottles of Antibiotics before she was Neg on her Bladder Infections.
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hes doing a lot better today and is back to his old self, wanting to sit on laps forever, heh

still on his meds though, so it looks like its doing its thing and he will be fine!

he still isnt chowing down as much as he used to, but he is eating a lot more now. we gave him a little bit of milk and he drank that too(i know not to give him too much cause its bad for his tummys). so hopefully he will start eating more real soon, i think he should get to 100% soon cause of his meds and hes feeling better!

although, he has been eating cold cuts(ya know, deli meats(bologna) i dont usually feed him that though, just ever since he got sick), but he doesnt really want his cat food(he will look at it and walk away or just eat some of it). could he be tired of his regular cat food maby? i dont want to only feed him "ppl food" and would rather he ate kitty food.

but again it could be because of his sickness and he just needs some time?
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It took Meeko awhile to eat alot again after her high fever. She has gained all her weight back too and more. Your Cat will be normal soon. Make sure you finish the Clavamox.
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