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My kittens

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Bonnie - from Pelabuan Ratu, Indonesia. Found aged 5 weeks at a slum shop in Indonesia. Now a healthy and very communicative 8 week old (I'm hoping to take her with me when I return to England). She has no tail at all!

This is Genghis, we found him starving to death at a bar the day before we came across Bonnie, tragically he died two days after we took him in

And Arthur, found wandering, with string tied round his neck, filthy and with ringworm at the English school. About 12 weeks old???

And these delights are our latest additions, handed to me, umbilical cords still attached the very day they were born. Their mother tragically died during the birth (which the Indonesians seemed to find hilarious) They're 8 days old now and thriving. There are two of them, both boys, currently without names.

That's my brood!
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How darling. It sounds like you have your hands full right now.
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Aww! What darlings!

Each of them are so gorgeous!
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Wow, kudos to you for taking in these little darlings!
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They are adorable!
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Will you be able to take all of them back to England with you? Oh, what precious faces... I'm so glad you're there for them. They need you on their side.
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wow ..they are sooo cute...
its good that you are taking them in and looking after them!
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