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Good Luck wishes needed

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So tonight DH and I went to Petsmart for dry food. Of course we looked at the cats up for adoption. One looks just like Benson but without the strip down the nose. We filled out the application tonight.

There just been so many stories lately of people losing their homes and having to give up their pets. This little girl was so cute and excited when we walked up to her. I feel better knowing we tried than if we didn't. We actually drove back after talking about it on the way home.

So we need some good luck vibes for the little girl.

Here she is
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Of course you can have !
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awww...what a precious girl!!!
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What a cutie!! lots of get the kitty vibes for you Michele!
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Thanks everyone. Normally the cats don't get too excited to see me. It's DH they look at instead. LoL I also emailed them so they know we saw her.
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Sending Lots and Lots of good luck to you!!!
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Aw, she is very pretty, and very lucky to have you interested in her!
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what a cutie-poo! adoption approval on the way!
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Awww...she's cute Michele! I hope that you get her esp if she took interest! That is always a good sign!
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She's a sweetie! I hope everything works out for you.
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I hope you get her. My Sister Adopted Legolas from Petsmart 2 Years ago. She is Cute. She is Oreos age and Black and White too.
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I am so excited and nervous. What if they think we have to many already
I was happy to see she is a girl. I don't care either way but the guys out number the girls here. LoL
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Awww she's a doll...many vibes you get her I don't see why you wouldn't!! David and I were at Petsmart tonight too we saw a 13 year old Himalayan, she was all shaved and poor thing looked pitiful her eyes were a mess....David was all tore up he wanted her BUT it said she needs a quiet home not going to happen here...I pray someone comes and gets her
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If you want to adopt another kitty, I have 4 more that will need a good home in about 6 weeks!

Seriously, she's adorable! Sending many good vibes your way!

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big big big For you and for Jordan - she's such a little cutie - how could anyone NOT want her!?
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Many vibes!!! She is a doll!!
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Adoption on their way!
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She is a cutie!

Sending Adoption vibes your way
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I am trying not to get too excited but it's hard. I don't want to be disappointed. I still didn't tell my mother. I know she can't say no if we just bought a cat into the house first then asked. LoL It's how I got all the other cats in.
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Sending many vibes that you get her Michele

She is so cute!! I love her name too
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that you get sweet Jordan.
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