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Hello, world, I'm back!!!!!!!!

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Hey, everybody! I am up and running again! (computer, wise, that is).

The move is essentially done (and so am I).

There is so much to report. I'll try to be brief.

On the plus side:

I'm in.
I'm funtioning.
I actually fit my car in the garage last night.

On the minus side (the list is looong):

Squirt spent the whole first day on the kitchen counter. He is scared half to death of the ceiling fans. I had to turn them all off. He just stayed on the kitchen counter all folded up, crying.

Joey ran head first into the sliding glass door. He seems to be ok, and no more mentally defective than usual.

My phones went out yesterday. They are fixed now. I had trouble getting connected to the internet, but I worked that out too (obviously).

MY SOFA DOESN'T FIT IN THE BLOODY LIVING ROOM!!!!!!! Stupid sectional sofa. I have tried it every way possible. I need a new sofa.

Broke my grandfather's clock in the move. Actually just the glass to the part that covers the face. More $$$.

Hot water?!? It isn't exactly hot enough for my tastes. Tried turning it up. Now, suddenly I'm supposed to be some kind of handyman.

I guess that's all for now. Boy, am I tired. I feel like I've been gone forever and the whole world will have 700 posts except me!
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Welcome back, Deb!

Para loves fans. She'll sit on my bed for hours, just staring at them, her head weaving adorably. She'll sit up and paw at it sometimes, too!

Congradulations on the new house, and keep smiling! You'll look back on all of the problems someday and laugh. Hard.

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When, Jen, when?
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it'll never be ALL done, but you're going to get to the point where it's something you can live with and an understanding that it's a constant work in progress.

the kitties will come around as well. I had to laugh when you said that joey ran into the glass (since he's ok)

glad you are finally in ONE place!

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Hmm... that's a toughie!

According to my Granny (this was before she died last year), who is 650 years old, it takes roughly 129 years to start getting the giggles about prior incidents that weren't funny at all, at the time.

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Squirt did finally venture out of the kitchen at around 4 am, and was doing some major nesting in my hair.

This morning I showed him the cat door to the atrium. He went out a couple of times, but you have to hold the flap up for him.

I am just glad that he is getting acclimated. I get worried when he acts bizarre, even though I knew to expect something with him. He's still a little wary, as he is currently under the bed.

That's all for now. I really do need to get a few more boxes unpacked.

Thanks to EVERYONE for all their support and interest.
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Congratulations! It's about time too - you've been working so hard on getting this place ready!
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Congrats on the loooonnng move (time wise over two months) I moved five years ago and in the past year or so, just feeling like that it is mine and all unpacked, everything put away just so!!! It may take some time for your kitties to get adjusted to the new enviroment...think how you feel and times that by about 10x...Poor babies But, life is good and the happy and relaxing times are near

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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Deb: So glad you are moved!

The babies will acclimate, don't worry. :jarswim: :jarswim:

Just a thought about the Grandfather Clock: Did the glass shatter or just crack? If it is just a crack try calling a place that fuses cracks in car windshields,(here they are called Glass Doctor), a friend did this and the repair was about 1/3 what the cost of glass replacement thru a clock shop would have been. . . . .

Another quick thought, can you use just part of the sectional in the living room and the remainder in a den or large bedroom? (I know, everyone has decorating advice; so forget I said anything since I'm not there an have NO idea what the sectional is like. Just check it off to the Christopher Lowell in me. . . . )

Happy New Home!!!!
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Deb! I'm glad your move went well. I have to agree, it'll be eons before it gets to where you want it to.

I hope Squirt acclimatizes soon. Poor thing. Cats get so freaked with moves and I've done it with mine twice (apt. to apt.).

Did you see Joey run into the glass? I admmitt that you go "Are you OK?", but then after the fact it had to have been kinda funny to see. Like my Socrates when he pushed the screen out and fell out the window (A 2 ft drop to the ground outside). I laughed, made sure he was ok, saw the "I meant to do that" expression on his face, then laughed some more.
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Welcome Back Deb!!!!!!!

so glad to hear things are moving at least a little smoother, cant
wait till things are almost back to normal and you have the chance to
spend more time here with us i've missed you!

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Glad to see you made it through the move. It sounds like the babies are going to be okay. Life just wouldnt be the same if you never traumatized your cats. I hope you plan to kick up your feet and relax next weekend!!
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I'm glad everything went well for you, Deb. Sorry I couldn't be there to help you. I'm glad you're all moved in.
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Well..... a hot shower of more than 2 minutes duration would be nice. I gotta call the home warranty people tomorrow.

3LK: Not possible. It's a funky model where the sections break, one cushion covers both sections. And den?!? What kind of mansion do you think I could afford?

In good news for the day, the kittens are adjusting well. Tonight, Squirt came in through his cat door all by himself!

Kittykratz: Missed you. I understand. If you need to talk, email me.
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