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A question about E.F.T.

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My 2 cats will turn 8 in July. They enjoy time on my lap every day.
They are very relaxed during our lap time so it seems like that might be a good time to try using some E.F.T.

I have heard that the tips of a cat's ear in an acupressure point.
If that is correct, would you tell us how to to it?

Just in general, I would like to know more about E.F.T.
Thanks Dr. Jean.
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Yes, the ear tips are acupuncture points. I use them for pain relief. I just hold the ear tips firmly for a minute or two, or as long as the animal tolerates it. The first time I tried this was on a mare with laminitis--an excruciatingly painful condition. She loved it! It did seem to give her a little relief.

EFT is wonderful! Lap time is a great time to do it, but with animals it's usually done remotely, using yourself as a surrogate, so the cats don't actually need to be right there. I have a short article on EFT on my website (, but the main EFT site is Gary Craig, the "inventor" (for lack of a better word), has many free resources on that site including a free downloadable manual (something like 90 pages!). I'm on his email list; the newsletter comes out I think twice a week, and there are frequently articles on animals and EFT.

As Gary Craig says of EFT, "Try it on Everything." It can't hurt anything, and it can help in some pretty amazing ways!
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Dr. Jean,

The links to your article on E.F.T. along with Gary Craig's site gave me the the information I need to begin learning about, then implementing some of those exciting techniques. I can hardly wait to begin my learning process.

In the meantime, Dexter and Sadie will have their ear tip acupressure during our lap time today.

Many of the members questions echo some of my other concerns, so I will be reading all of your responses.

Thank you Dr. Jean.
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