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Question ..

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Hey guys

I really don't know where to post this .. so sorry if this is the wrong place.
Anyway, i took my cat to the doctor to cut his hair. He had many scatters (i really dont know what you call it )
So he told me that we must cut alllll his hair because he has germs and bacteria or whatever.
Now he cut alllllllllllll his hair and i wanna know how long does it take for his hair to grow again ?

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I was watching a special on Animal Planet, and a kitty had a similar problem, the vet there said that the kitty would grow back his hair in about 6 months... i am not sure if that is for all kitties or just that particular cat.
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This is the right forum for your question. The "scatters" you're referring to are usually called "hair mats". I'm sure some Persian owners will be along soon to answer your question.
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Oh your kitty has gotten the Lion Cut .. I think it's super cute so don't worry. Mats are a problem with long haired cat and they need to be groomed on a daily basis. I've read that many long haired cat owner actually cut off the furs .. the Lion Cut being the most popular, in summertime and they will normally grow back in winter. So, 6 months would be a good guess.
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I have 2 persian kitties right now with this cut but they have all their tail hair. It was done about a month ago and already their hair has grown about an inch, all total I would say 5-6 months to have it all back. I dont know if your kitty likes to be brushed/combed but my girl Lucia does not so I have been coming her hair everday as short as it is, and she is loving it, I hope she continues to love it as it grows back, her hair is like 4 inches thick normally, so hers may take longer to come in. So that is an idea if your kitty doesn't like to be combed/brushed. BTW He is gorgeous
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he looks so cute!!! <3333
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His haircut is cute! I would pet him a lot right now, do get him used to grooming, then a soft brush once the hair starts growing, then eventually a comb every day. That should keep the mats away.
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It takes about 6 month for the hair to grow back in all the way. Sometimes a little longer. Bathing stimulates hair growth. If you're inclined to do that. Many Persian owners who show their cats will bathe them once a week for a couple of months before a show to get a full coat.
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