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Help! Cat Missing A Tooth!!

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Hi everyone.

I must admit, I'm worried. Yesterday, I suddenly realized that my three-year-old cat (who seems completely happy and healthy) is missing one of her teeth. it's a small one. You know the two big fangs in the very front on top, it's a baby one right next to those fangs. she has the tooth on the other side, but one side is missing! I've never noticed a stray tooth lying around, and it doesn't bother her when she eats, and she eats plenty of crunchy, dry food, so I've never noticed it before. I went back and looked through photos and videos, and can confirms that tooth has been missing since at least Christmas 07.

I've had her for two years now, but before that, she was a feral living on the streets. I have no idea when she lost this tooth, and I am extremely worried and distressed. What should I do? Has this happened to anyone else out there? Is she in any pain and I just can't tell? Please, Please help!!

Thank you and Cat-love to all.
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Many of my cats in their senior years have lost teeth. I have a 5 year old abyssinian who has had problems with his teeth he has lost teeth on his own, and also had some pulled by the vet. It's not a bad idea to have your vet check your cats teeth for gum disease.
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Coco is missing Teeth but she is 16. i also had younger Cats with missing teeth and they were fine.
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Those small teeth have basically no roots and cats lose them all the time either by eating something wrong or running into stuff - Luxor has 3 missing and he's been checked - his teeth are fine, it's just he really needs 'kitty' braces on his small teeth because they are annoying him - so he's trying to get them out.
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