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=WC= UPDATE: Puffy

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This is a photo update of Puffy. Here is the original thread,

She is now very happy. I feed her morning and night (can food). Dry food and water is always out (cleaned morning and night). Made her a bed (still need a pic of the) and bought some pillows for her. She now found a spot in the yard where she does her business and no longer leaves the yard. She also gets Frontline plus every month. So, all is good. Enjoy the pictures!!

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Puffy is a purr-fect name for your adorable senior tabby.
There is wisdom in her face.
You are doing a wonderful job making her comfortable in her old age.
Great pictures
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She looks really comfy out there in the fresh air! I'm so glad she's got someone like you to look out for her.
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Awwww, she's a doll, so glad she's doing better and happy
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She looks very happy! I'm glad you found a solution that works for everyone
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amazing when cats just know who to go to. almost like a sixth sense told her that you would see her through her twilight years.

for you for being such a caring person. puffy looks so happy and contented.
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Aww Puffy is precious!! I am in love with that puffy face of hers
That is so wonderful that she is happy & content! She deserves it!
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Awww Her story touches me so much. Thank you for helping her
Shes a beautiful girl.
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Awwww she's looking good She has really pretty eyes!
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