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I am a newbie here, and to be honest, i won't even be bringing home the kittens that i am adopting for another 2-3 weeks. however, i am trying to get the apartment ready for them. It took me a while to convince my significant other that declawing is totally unnecessary. His family has always declawed their cats, my family was definitely against it, and invested in lots of scratch posts, and things to keep the kitties busy. However, i suspect i haven't completely won him over on this issue, and that i need to be super diligent about where the kitties scratch. I did get a scratch post and a turbo scratcher, and have been looking at the soft paws, but the kittens will only be either 8-9 weeks when i bring them home and i am not sure they will be able to use them, what are some good ways y'all got your kitties to learn where to scratch?