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The Phantom Biter

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How can Pan not be receiving enough attention? Someone is home almost all the time, we play for hours on end with multiple toys, he sleeps in bed with us at night. He will NOT stop "attack biting"....i.e. jumping off the sofa and sinking his teeth into my tender exposed flesh a hundred times a day, then darting away. His new trick is "The Achilles Tendon Chomp", where he hides under the bed and bites our ankles. This never is hard enough to pierce anything, but it HURTS! and I am all scratched up with teeth marks.

We have tried hissing at him, ignoring him, and recently used a spray bottle with him, which he enjoyed (he jumps in the shower on occasion).

Oddly enough, he rarely does it to Geoff. Mostly to me. Geoff thinks it is because he is the dominant male in the house (Which I will let him continue to think, for the sake of relationship harmony, haha.)

Any suggestions? He is 7 months old, so do we just have to wait out his kittenhood?

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Sounds like your typical juvenile to me! You are just going to have to grit your teeth and bear it for a while longer.
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How do you play with Pan? Do you encourage the hunt (chasing/stalking/catching) or biting (toys waved infront of his face/wiggling fingers and toes)? How does Geoff interact with him?
My Go was my naughty biter. When he was growing up, the gardener (whom Go adores) used to wiggle his fingers (wearing garden gloves of course) and Go would bite. Then Go would start on all the people he met. Go rarely bites now. A word with the gardener, some redirection and discipline for Go made things better.
I agree with JamesR that Pan is a typical youngster and he will outgrow his mischievous biting, but like my Go and the gardener, you may be unintentionally encouraging the behavior.
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Kitten behavior. He thinks he is playing.
Mine used to hide under my dust ruffle then ambush my toes. They grew out of it but I was careful to not to walk too close to the dust ruffles!
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We don't really encourage "hand play" at home, because that increases his biting. We have a lot of wand toys, Da Bird, the little mouse that runs around in a circle, balls and mice and things like that. We don't encourage rough play at all.

We'll just wait it out and wear socks all the time....lol.
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We had a lot of toe biting in bed when dave was younger, and he didnt realise that it hurt. Especially when he didnt let go!

Our way of dealing with it was as soon as it went to far, to get him and move him somewhere on his own to have some quiet time.

He new straight away he was naughty and eventually became a lot more gentle when playing. He used to run away as soon as he had bitten a little too hard as he knew that he would have to have his quiet time, and so it stopped eventually.

I tried the spray bottle when he was younger, but hated doing it to him, and he never seemed bothered about getting wet. (he would often sit out in the rain anyway)

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