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Now Dushka has mystery illness

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I haven't posted for a week as I have been scared to death for Dushka. She has been lethargic, not eating unless really persuaded to, growling when touched and carrying her paws in the air. I had her blood tested on Monday, fearing Lyme's disease. The vet put her onto Doxicycline in advance of the results. But the news came today that she is negative, so at least I am breathing again. The antibiotics have helped her, she is much more alert, eating OK but her joints still seem to be hurting, though not as much. I can hold her without her complaining, but tonight she jumped onto the sofa, seemed to get her paw stuck in the upholstery and began growling, then attacked me when I went to rescue her. But I have looked at her paws and claws, run hands up and down her legs and there seemes to be nothing wrong. The vet has no ideas at the moment but I am continuing with the meds. Any ideas? She is only 6 years old, so young for athritis.
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I am just rambling here, but do you have West Nile Virus in France? It seems too early in the year for that, but a couple years ago my dog had very similar symptoms, lethargy, joint pain, not eating, she actually was unable to walk for a couple days. After about a million dollars and a million trips to the vet, she recovered completely on her own. The west nile testing for animals and humans was fairly new at that time, and her bloodwork came back postive for it after she got better--it took a couple weeks. Since then, my vet, who I love, informed me that west nile affects animals in the joints, with severe pain/lameness.

Again, just rambling, but your post reminded me of that summer. I hope you find out what is going on with Dushka. Sending your way.
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Another thought....nerological?

I'm curious what your vet can come up with, Damita has remarkably similar symptoms & I've had 3 vets tell me it's neurological, likely a brain tumor.
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Just heard about this from Anakat, best of luck with Dushka's recovery.
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I don't have any advice but I'm sending tons of vibes for her and for you as well
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Sounds awful...I am sorry, and hope she pulls out of this soon. The two thoughts that came to my mind was some kind of allergic reaction - ?spider or other bug bite? a plant outside she nibbled on?? The second thought was just that this reminded me a bit of when Joshua had very swollen foot pads - turned out to be related to the eiosinophilic granuloma that he had (rodent ulcer..he had only a few incidences of this in his lifetime, and then just a very swollen chin).
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Jenny, I'm sorry your girl is under the weather. No advice from me, but I'm sending lots of for a quick recovery.
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I don't usually visit this forum because I don't have a lot of knowledge in "health and nutrition, but Dushka caught my eye. I don't have any ideas on what could be wrong but I'm sending your girl lots of love and I hope that they are able to figure out what is wrong.
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Lots of healthy coming for Dushka Henny. I hope they can find out whats causing this soon
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Lots of healthy coming for Dushka Henny. I hope they can find out whats causing this soon
i 2nd the & add for Miss Dushka!
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Lots of for Dushka, Jenny.
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Aw Jenny, if it isn't one thing it's another. I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted on her situation.


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Thanks everyone. I feel so paranoid but my daughter, who was here for a couple of days last week en route to her new job in Italy, agreed with me that she was really not herself at all. But she is continuing to improve and is eating and beginning to jump on things without growling or crying. I think she doesn't smell right though - the others are going for her, especially Biscotte, as if she is a stranger. So I am keeping her a lot of the time in my room, where she is company for Cinders. They are getting on fine together, and sleep curled up against me. The others don't like being shut out, but I think it is for the best at the moment. Dushka goes back to the vet tomorrow for a further exam. I don't know, with seven cats, there always seems to be something wrong with one of them!
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