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My Brothers GF is doing it again!!! (Vent)

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Only its sorta getting worse!! So I was on the phone with Stacy ((my brothers GF)) and she was tellin me how my Aunts house had Mice so I was like "Why doesnt she get a cat?" and Stacy was like "she is, shes got 2 kittens on hold" and I was like "oh.. kittens... shouldnt she rescue and older cat that can kill the mice right away and be a pet?" and Stacy somehow when into how she had a kitten she wanted to get ((YET AGAIN!! )) and how she couldnt get it at that moment and now its 5 months old and she doesnt want that one anymore... CUZ ITS TO OLD?!!! I swear shes gonna regret ever meeting me one day!! this is getting so ridiculous!! shes so.. !!! does she not understand that a kitten is going to grow!! if she liked and wanted the kitten as a baby.. why cant she like it when its a lil older!! Jacks 6 months old and you dont se me pushing him away cuz he grew a lil.
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Oh my gosh!!!!! I see why you are going crazy!!!! To be honest I would much rather get a 6 month old cat than a young kitten. I'm so TIRED of the kitten days!

Her mom should get an older cat! My mom got two kittens after my cat died that was living with her (because I was in college and couldn't have a cat my first year). Those two kittens, now almost a year old, are WORTHLESS for catching mice!!!! My mom put out traps and caught more than 3 mice in the first week! I told her that if Enzo was in her house she wouldn't ever see another mouse!

I feel your frustrations! Hopefully someday she will get a BRAIN!!!!!
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Well the way I see it is.. if you get a kitten its more than likely to form a bond with the Mice... like when we first got Jack I use to let him run around my room with my Rat. So Rescuing and older Cat would be more handy.

Sometimes getting an older Cat is better than getting a Kitten... we went for a long time not getting a Kitten and we were fine, Jacks our first kitten in like 3 yrs... why cant she?

Oh and I just had to mention to her that if she and my Brother move here (()), she CANT get a Kitten... but its ok.. im sure she'll just call Jack hers and never let me se him. She was around for a couple Weeks when we first got Jack and I couldnt even pet him without her saying something... although im gonna flip out on her if she does "call him hers" cause Jack is older than the Cat she doesnt want for being to old.
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Does she realize that older cats are fun, too? When I went to shelter to adopt a cat, I wanted an adult, not a kitten. Some people!
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She doesn't deserve any animal - not if this is how she treats them.
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I think your aunt should look around for a barn cat. I used to ride, and at least around here, barns seem to get a lot of random drop offs, because people think that that's an ok option. the people that I know who have had that happen often are more like a rescue and are more than willing to adopt out a cat.

The cat would already know how to mouse and would be so greatful for a warm loving household....I would think.
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When my two were kittens they would have freaked if they saw a mouse!
An earwig was about all the excitement (and size) they could handle and all they did was follow it around the house until it escaped under the back door. My brave intrepid pair
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