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Nikita vs. Mouse

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Last thursday I was sick at home (stomach bug) so I was in the house rather than at work all day.

In the afternoon I was feeling a bit better but I heard some running around and clanking of glass in the kitchen. I thought it was Nikita just being hyper and ignored it, I mean no crashing noises!

Then she came trotting in and she had this really focused sort of way of trotting around through the room. I twigged and though, hmm, the last time I heard her trot around with this style of moving she had a mouse in her mouth and was surveying the area to find the best place to 'release' it so she could hunt it again.

I went and had a look and well enough, there was a mouse tail hanging out of her mouth. I grabbed the camera and took a pic

She then decided that my bag was the best place. I got a plastic bag and got the (by now dead) mouse out of the bag and then stumbled outside to throw it in the trash outside.

Nikita was still searching for it when I came back. Sniffing at my bag going: "I know it's here, I put it there! where's it gone? it has to be here!!"

She didn't even start whining at me to find the fun mouse toy again because she was so puzzled that the mouse had gone when she'd put it Right There Herself! (she hadn't been paying attention when I took the mouse away)

So yeah.. I've not seen any mice here for months but they clearly haven't all gone away.
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she looks content and happy with her new "toy" in the pic!
Gosh Nikita is soooo pretty! shes got like a shine to her coat!
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Originally Posted by Vixen16 View Post
she looks content and happy with her new "toy" in the pic!
Gosh Nikita is soooo pretty! shes got like a shine to her coat!
At least the mouse was dead. Butzie brought in one live mouse and the next day one half dead mouse.
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Look at it this have the best free cat toys around

She does look like a happy little hunter...
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
At least the mouse was dead. Butzie brought in one live mouse and the next day one half dead mouse.
The 'problem' with all this is that Nikita isn't bringing in the mice. She's an indoor cat. Heh.. yeah there's a mini mouse infestation going on where I live. Pretty much all the older buildings in Edinburgh have mice to some degree. So having an active cat isn't just for fun, it also helps keep the mice down.

It's an arrangement that suits Nikita very well. She *loves* catching mice. Unfortunately she rarely kills them but usually lets them go so she can catch them again and then on the 8th re-catch the mouse gets lucky and managed to squeeze under the door into the bathroom and disappears or something like that.

This time around the mouse had a heart attack or something like that and died though.
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Any dead mice we don't discard get shoved under the fridge to dessicate. Aristotle loves the play value in "mummy mice".
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aww, she's sooo beautiful!
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That looks like a lovely mousie your lovely girl has there. Ours do go out, and do bring mousies in (as well as other prey), but like Nikita, they're not hunting for food, so it's more fun to let the prey go once they get it inside, and have some more sport. And when Mum (or occasionally Dad) rescues the beast and takes it up the lane to recover in peace, the girls -- especially Fawn -- are quite indignant at the human interference. Hmmm...haven't had one for a while...........
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Our cats find small voles to bring indoors, or leave on our doorstep for us to tread on when we go outside..and I'm so grateful that they are not live ones that they bring to us
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Nice hunting Nakita!!!!!!

The last 2 mice in my house were snagged by my abyssinian. We haven't had a mouse since we brought home our Bengal. I have a feeling if another mouse comes in our house she will be the star hunter!
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every now and then a vole gets into our house lol but cookie doesn't catch them she runs!
i don't know how the voles get in our house.
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She looks like a very happy hunter and a good one at that! She is beautiful as always.
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Nikita is simply gorgeous...
and obviously a great mouser.
Nice photo of a mouse tail.
Mouse breath.
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What a great shot, and a pretty cat!
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i was confused at this thread as i knew nikita was an indoor girl. but now you have explained about the unwanted visitors.

i guess you could look at it as you being the bestest ever meowmy as you provide interactive toys for nikita!
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Very happy girl in deed!!

And of course beautiful as EVER!!!
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