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Saturday! Anything Special Planned.

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Morning All!!!

Chilly and pouring rain here this morning, a good morning to stay in bed which I would have loved to do..

Heading off to work shortly, hopefully it will be a quick uneventful day.

Afterwards heading to Shopper's Drug Mart then Walmart to pick up a few things .

Most likely grab a movie for tonight, not sure what yet..

Kitties are good, they went back to bed and now are all snoozing the morning away..Lucky cats..

Everyone have a great day..
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Good morning.

Today I'm doing some cleaning, cooking and reading. And then tonight... well... I sort of have a date Now I feel all silly wondering about what to wear and so on.

So that's the plan for today. I hope you all have a great day!
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my SO making tea tonight
other than that babysitting
gotta love the nappies/diapers
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Right now, sitting and watching Ramsay chirp and chatter at the birds outside the window. Then we're off to the farmers market.
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We are heading out shortly for Scarborough Faire, which is a renaissance fair south of Dallas. We'll spend a while there, then we're supposed to have dinner over in south Arlington/Fort Worth with some friends who moved down here from Alaska.
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Good morning! Today is filled with kid things (the non-fur kids). The boys have a piano recital at a nursing home in an hour then we have a birthday party to go to. I will be glad when we are home tonight.
Everyone else have a good day.
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It's snowing here!!!! When is winter going to be OVER!!!!!

I'm sick so I'm going to rest all day long! I can't wait!
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Going to the zoo with my mom and niece Hope to get some good photos of some beautiful animals. Will be 75F and sunny today
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Sunny and a bit cool today. I'm heading out to Safeway to pick up some fruit and veggies. I need to do some laundry, so I'll try and get at least 1 load done. Other than that I'm staying home and nursing Chynna.
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Before making dinner for pixietina im spending the day on my laptop mainly on this site
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I'm just relaxing today. I might watch a movie later.
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My plan is to survive the day! We've had 42 animals (mostly mom's and kittens) turned into the shelter in the past two days It's insane at work!

After work my aunt is going to come over and we're going to work on unpacking my house a bit more then i'm going to fix some dinner for us
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I am not doing anything today and its amazing!

Josh sent me a package but its in his name, so I have to go to the post office and try and finagle the package out of them and convince them its mine.

Might get groceries..and am washing a load of sheets too.
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Well today was just the clearing up and re-packing and taking mum back to the airport. She's been on vacation here in Denmark/Sweden for the last two weeks, so it's been fantastic to get a bit of time with her and help her sort out some of the things she wants put away before she moves out here permanently. Besides, my man hasn't been home for several weekends now, and when he has, we've had to be in a million other places doing all sorts of things so we've had no quality time together for a while. I'd been feeling a bit low over that until I came back today to an SMS asking me out on a "date" in our favourite restaurant He's been away all weekend on a big choir rehearsal so I haven't actually seen him since Wednesday! I'm looking forward to getting all done up for the evening and getting some good food and most importantly, some much needed time alone!
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We ended up going shopping for most of the afternoon. Got a lot of nice things like new mats for the cats food, new pants, which I was in need of and I got a new Night Light shaped like an Owl.
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