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filing a complaint against a vet?

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Would anyone know where/who I contact to form a conduct complaint against a vet? I was witness to a minor lack of respect towards an anaesthetized (sp?) cat -- mine -- and would like to make a complaint about it to the appropriate people. I don't want to press any charges or cause problems, just give them a "heads up"... I live in Montreal, Canada, and the CVMA web site didn't give me any good information...
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I'm not sure of your answer for this, sorry. But I will move this to our SOS forum where I think someone who does know the answer can help you out. Good luck!
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I tried looking on the internet and didn't come up with an appropriate telephone number and/or address.

I did go to the CVMA website and I would recommend contacting them as a first step. They could probably give you more accurate contact info, so try emailing them - info@canadianveterinarians.net

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This link will give you information about the code of conduct for veterinary medicine in Canada. There is quite a bit of information there. I hope it's helpful. I'm so sorry to hear you had this problem.
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I would first of all write a letter to the vet clinic, addressed to the owner expressing your concerns. I would also send a copy of that letter to the CVMA calling them first to find out what department it needs to be routed to. I would put at the bottom of the letter that a cc was going to this organization. I would request a meeting (if what you witnessed was so horrendous to warrant all of this) with the owner and I would do it on a low even keel and not be threatening in nature, but show them that you mean business.

Good luck
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If nothing else, I would ask for your money back. If they refuse, take them to small claims court. Also, if no one will listen, I would call the local newspaper to see if they are interested in a story. Good luck.
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