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Yay flowers

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What kinds of flowers to you have in your yard? I have hyacinth, daffodils, lillys, irises, miniature daffodils and tulips. The only things that are blooming now are the hyacinth and mini daffodils. I cut some and put them in water on the kitchen table. The hyacinth smell so good. I also have a rose bush that gets wonderful smelling pink roses. I just love flowers.
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We only have a tiny bit out front and that has lots of carpet Rose and Fuschia. The back is mostly paved but there is Budlia ( Can`t think how to spell it! ) and fuschia and there were some Iris`s. Also some Passion Flowers which have gone a bit mad. They`re so pretty
There are others but I don`t know all the names
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I have shasta daisies they haven't bloomed yet I also have a lilac bush and some sort of yellow flower bush...nothing else right now...hopefully soon my other flowers will come up..
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Right now, not much - I planted Lilys and Iris last year. Will be adding more this year - not sure what.

Considering we still have cold and snow here, nothing has started to come up. We will have our spring weather by mid week, so I suspect we'll be seeing the early stuff within 2 weeks (if we don't get any more snow)
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I had 3 other kinds, but I think I killed them....

Whats the opposite of a green thumb? Because thats what I have
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I have so many, I don't know if there's room here to list them! Right now the only thing even close to blooming are the daffodils. The bleeding hearts are starting to come up and the lilacs are starting to get green. My favorites in the spring are lilacs and columbines, which I have tons of. Have all kinds of perennials---coneflower, daisies, heucera (coral bells), mums, iris, roses (including half a dozen miniatures), clematis (which I love!), honeysuckle, peonies, poppies, rhododendrons, butterfly bush, a red dogwood tree.......I could go on and on.
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I love to have roses and lilac honeysuckle is fantastic for summer evenings and ooo, climbing clematis. I love to have fragrant flowers I miss my garden!!
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I have daffodills, crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, bleeding heart, columbines, hostas, delphineums, peonies, shasta dasies, black-eyed susans, daylilies, an iris (volunteer), a pieris, a quince, allium, geraniums (annual and perennial), lupines, and several things I might have forgot, not to mention my veggies
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Originally Posted by capt_jordi View Post
I had 3 other kinds, but I think I killed them....

Whats the opposite of a green thumb? Because thats what I have
It's a brown thumb, which I have. We live on an acre of land (this is in the SF Bay area, not necessarily common.) Our property goes down hill. I have bushes and trees and I have no idea what they are. I know I have a dogwood tree, camellias, wonderful jade plants, rosemary, crepe myrtle, fruit trees and a heritage oak (can't cut that down).

Other than that, I leave it to our gardener. The only thing I haven't been able to kill is my indoor plant, Tom, who I named after an exec boyfriend. The plant is healthy and the guy and I broke up. I think that Tom stays alive for me because that guy didn't.
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my 10 rose bushes started to bloom and i also have blooming right now pink stockroses, yellow monkeyflowers, columbines, verbena, canterbury bells, violas, pansies, assorted daisies, nasturiums, snapdragons, the bottlbrushtree and the bear's breech is starting to get flowerspikes
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