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Please help, cat is driving me crazy.

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I have cat that is about 7 years old I would say, and today he started this very loud yelling. It sounds horrible. I read around a bit and found that some cats do this to call females, but my cat is neutered. I wouldn't think he would still call under those circumstances. Also I saw some posts saying that some cats as they get older will develope this habit.

Anyone have any information about this? Is this something that is natural? Certainly doesn't sound natural. He seemed fine this morning and around noon he started and hasn't stopped. Thank you for any help you can provide, he is driving me crazy.
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I would bring him to the vet. Something is definitely bothering him. You said it feels unnatural, it probably is.
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Well he has made noises like this before, but he always had a reason. Like if another cat is at the window he will make noises like this, but he is doing it for what seems like no reason at all. Unless he is calling to cats even though he is neutered...that is the only thing that makes sense to me.
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A cat only has a certain number of noises it can make to get attention. Whether or not he made the noise in the past for other reasons doesn't matter, because if something is hurting him, he can't tell you, so it's up to you to get it checked out. It may be also that he did see another cat outside, and is protecting his territory, but you can't know that for sure.
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I would also recommend a visit to the vet.
Something I have learned is that cats always have a reason for what they do. We may not get it but they have a reason.
He may be hurting or feeling unhappy or perhaps he is smelling a tomcat nearby...but you want to rule out physical ailments first.
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I would call the Vet. Coco does that at night but she is 16. Your Cat seems to young to be from old age.
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He is a royal pain to take anywhere, and the vet here is not all that great. I will call and see what he says, but they don't have the best reputation around here. He is acting normal except for the fact he won't shut up
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Is he using the litter box ok? #1 and #2? You need to check that. It could be something is wrong in that department. My MIL's cat started doing that suddenly, and it turned out he was so constipated that NOTHING would come out. He was an indoor cat so they weren't really sure what caused it (no change in food, etc).

I agree, a vet visit is the first thing you need to do. Even if the vet isn't great, they should be able to run test and see if he is sick. Is that the only vet around?
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He is going to the litter box and everything. He seems fine aside from the fact he is crying. Today he did it much less though, he was tolerable today. Hopefully he is getting over whatever it was. Unfortunately that is the only vet around here I know of. I will see how he is tomorrow and see what I need to do from there. Thanks for the help everyone.
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Just a shot in the dark; he may smell another cat outside, or he may be able to hear another cat nearby.
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