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I can see and feel the babies kicking?!

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I can see and feel the babies kicking, how long until she has her babies?
she been showing a lot of signs, and been licking her vagina a lot lately
but still hasnt went into labor?
its taking forever,
btw this is the stray cat from my other thread
so yea help?!
BTW can air freshener harm the babies? thanks :P
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Not sure about the air freshener...My cats babies kicked for about 2 weeks before she gave birth. Are your cats breasts bagging with milk yet? When they do it should be very soon.
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how do i know if they are baggy with milk?
and how do i.. milk her? lol
and thanks for the fast response!
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You can tell when they are bagged when their milk glands are swollen like "breasts" this is a sign they are ready to nurse babies and babies should come within 2 days of them bagging.
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they are like very point and are hanging down but not very hard if thats what u mean?
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I'm not talking about the nipples but the actual glands. They are like an actual small breast when filled with milk.
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are the glands the pink thing like.... under the breast?
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no one replied
but anyways yea i notice her boobs are big now lol
so how long
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A lot of cats' milk doesnt come in until a couple days before, but my current foster's milk started to come in a good week before she delivered.

The milk glands run along the cats nipples, imagine a connect the dots. So there will be two sides... you'll notice them filling up and getting mushy

I'd say you are getting close, a week maybe by your description (some people see kittens move two weeks prior); and you might want to think about confining her to one cat-proof room now, so she isnt having the kittens in the rafters, behind the refrigerator, or up on a closet shelf.

Have you noticed her digging around more? Either in her nests or litter box?
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yea in her little box
thanks for the info
i saw.. nasty stuff like mucus coming out of her vagina and it was gross...
what was it!
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it was probably her mucus plug...Sadie started leaking mucus about a week before delivery the day before delivery she lost a thick plug that was wednesday in the early evening she had them on thursday morning.
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I suggest going to your vets office and asking for some info - my cat is having her first litter as well, and they were very helpful. Gave me lots of printed info and answered all my questions.
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it definitely looks like mucus, it probaly was her mucus plug, she been eating and drinking a lot and sleeping, and i see her babies move like A LOT!
like ur blind if u cant see them move. and she keeps sleeping on me.
so is this good? is it reallllllllllllllllly soon? like...tomorrow? :P
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If it was the mucus plug you saw it should be within the next 12 hours. Good luck!
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thank you this is o exciting
i will post pic of them
and hopefully she will have them soon
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i was lookin at my cats stomach
and i see fleas
and stuff and i cant give her a bath because i dont know thiscat that well and she might kill me and because shes pregnant and im scared too,
and i dont have any dawn dishwasher
and this flea stuff cant be used on pregnant or nursing cats
AND i dont have no money to buy anything or go to a vet!
im scared that the babies will die now
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If you don't get rid of her fleas than the babies will die. Can you get your hands on any feline advatage?
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A bath in any dish soap will do in a pinch, or baby shampoo, or mild shampoo even.

The soap wont kill all the fleas, but keep her submersed in water as long as she'll tolerate, that will force the fleas off her body. It would also help to comb the fleas out.

If you dont get the fleas off the mother, they will get on the kittens and you will have to get them off them as well. They can not live on the kittens long without causing harm to the kits.

Try calling around to a couple vets/no-kill shelters, explain to them that you found a pregnant stray that has fleas and you would like to foster/adopt her, but cant afford flea treatment, perhaps someone will donate the Advantage for this sweet girl.

Good luck!
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i cant give her a bath or afford any type of flea stuff or vet trips
she will kill me if i put her in a bath
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So you are just going to let her entire litter die? If you can afford to be on the internet and have a computer you can afford to get one dose of advantage from your local vet.
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well you see my step dad been cheating on my mother and my internet is gonna be cut off soon because we cant pay the bill....
and i was gettin ready to put her in a bath but she was going crazy
way crazy than my other cats
i cant even put her in there
my arm will probaly fall off
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Well please find a no-kill shelter or rescue to take your cat to since you cannot afford her care. A litter of kittens is expensive and will probably die if you can't afford to get rid of the fleas.
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i took care of a nursing cat with kittens before, they did have fleas but didnt die, i waited until they got old enough to give them a flea bath
but this was a long time ago
theres not that many fleas on this cat
maybe it wont do much harm.
but im gonna try my hardest to go to a vet
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its been 2 days since she lost her mucus plug
i just been seeing her babies move a lot
hmmm i am confused and impatient lol
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here goes some pics of th cat
how far along do you think she is?
remember she was a stray she wouldnt be big and fat.
we named her MeatBall

the pics kinda suck but she wouldnt let me do anything else with her lol
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is anyone gonna reply?
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She's a pretty cat. She does look pregnant. I wouldn't have any good estimates about how far along she is or how soon she should have her kittens, but I wish you and kitty good luck.

(Did you manage to get her flea problem resolved?)
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Why would anyone reply you aren't getting the cat the bare nessesities she needs...A tube of advantage would be like 12 dollars at the vet...Sell something so you can afford it sell your computer if you have to.
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I have a flea brush, i found it somewhere in my house
and yes i used it got some fleas off and dont even seen any anymore
but i have a feeling some might be on her
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Since Sadosi is under 18 and is limited in what she can do to help this cat, can we please not attack and try to offer help instead?

You were given some excellent advice about how to take care of fleas in this thread:


I bathed a very upset cat once. I had to pretty much suit up in thick long-sleavved clothes and pans as well as gloves.

You need to get rid of the fleas both for the kittens' sake and for the sake of your other cats. Dealing with a flea infestation in your home could be very expensive.

Since money is an issue, have you started thinking about what you are going to do once the kittens are born? Kittens are costly as are shots and spay/neuters for all.
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