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Thanksgiving is Doing Great! (Pics)

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Don't know if you guys remember, but Gary and I finally got so freaked by all the cold, we took Thanksgiving and Tuxedo (the last two feral kitties we were caring for that lived outside) to a boarding facility, The Cat Chalet.

The owner, Susan, has been spending time with them, and they're doing great! Thanksgiving thinks she owns the place, and is SUCH a friendly kitty!

Tuxedo is doing great, too - had a bath yesterday! We visit them at least once a week, while working to get them adopted. (We're trying to figure how to get Tuxedo here - but we live in such a small space - and already have three.)

...and here's Tuxedo (gnawing on Gary's knee ) :

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So Thanksgiving is the last of the kittens you are still waiting to find the purrfect home for? That's great! With a face like hers, it shouldn't take long.

I hope you guys can figure something out for Tuxedo. I have a feeling everything will work out though. Where there's a will there's a way!
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Neat pictures...

i went to the cat chalet website... nice... i wonder if there is something like this in the bay area?

i have to bring my kitties along everywhere...

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Pohchoowan - cute pic!!!!

There aren't people around here to take care of our adopted kitties, so when we have to leave town for more than two days but less than a week, we board them. It breaks our hearts.

The Cat Chalet isn't fancy - but its owner Susan is GREAT. She spends time with "our" ferals, helping socialize them. She's just wonderful, and the atmosphere there is so loving. I LOVE that she lets them out of the cages (not at the same time unless the cats already know each other!) - and she sanitizes everything before she lets another cat out, so no other cat smells are left behind. She's very thoughtful and a great kitty foster-mom.

Our problem is that all the no-kill shelters around here are full. We're still on a wait list, and we called back in October and November (two different batches of kittens that turned up).

For those who remember - notice Thanksgiving's eye make-up? She and Munchkin (and Magic) were all from the same litter (we finally figured out). ...speaking of which, Munchkin (renamed Annie by her new parents), is doing GREAT. She is the TOTAL pampered pet, and they love her Sooooooo much. YAY!!!!

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Oops! Forgot to mention. You can search for boarding facilities through the American Boarding & Kennel Association (ABKA). Here's a link: www.abka.com
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Hi Pohchoowan, there's a kitty bed & breakfast in the El Cerrito area (near Berkeley/Albany). I don't know the name of it, but I'll try to find out. Apparently it's pretty swanky for all of our pampered and spoiled cats! And, it's right next door to a veterinarian, which is comforting.
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Great to hear the update Laurie!! Love the gnawing on Gary's knee pic!
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great pictures! thanks for the update -- glad they are doing well!
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Awww. Thanksgiving and Tuxedo are both such cute kitties! It looks like they're both doing great... I hope someone comes along to give them both a home. Well, unless you think you and Gary are going to cave and take Tuxedo.
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laurie those are great pictures!
im sooo glad that they are doing great!
bless you and gary both!
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Thanks for the update! Those are GREAT pics!!!
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