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Coincidence or Linked...?

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So my Best Friend posted a Blog on Myspace saying she was going to the Hospital cuz she was really sick ((im not sure with what)).. well 2 days ago I fed my Rats and cleaned there Cages they were fine.. yesterday I had them out and was playing with them and they were fine.. today Alyssa cant barely move! shes all skin and bones!! Now, Alyssa my Rat is named after my Best Friend Alyssa.. Alyssa the Rat has never been sick before and Alyssa the BFF hasnt been sick in a long time... now that Alyssa the BFF is sick Alyssa the Rat is all of a sudden sick!!
Its really creeping me out!!
TempleTon is fine though. I moved Alyssa the Rat into my room right next to my Desk so I can Monitor her. I have two types of rat food.. the normal healthy Lab Block and The fatty Seedy variety type food.. I dont use the Fatty food ever unless I think my rats feel a little lighter than usual then I give them 2 table spoons of it and they gain weight quick.. I gave a bunch of it to Alyssa along with her Blocks.
If Alyssa the rat doesnt get better within the next couple days im gonna se about taking her to the vet. I so hope she gets better im really worried! Yesterday she was fine then today shes really sick!

Oh and I meant to mention.. shes still Drinking her Water and Eating her Food.
And im making her a Heating Pad right now with Cloth and Heated Water Bottles.
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That is really weird and spooky. Hope the rat and your friend will be ok
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Ok Alyssa's doing a lot better.. shes not as thin anymore which really puzzles me!! She has a lil click in her chest when she breaths but my friend ((a fellow rat owner)) said to give it a day to se if it goes away.
So I think she'll be ok!
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