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Anyone else have Nice Weather?

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It is 80 right now and it might hit 90 tomorrow. Sunny. Highs 82 to 87. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph.
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Some people are still having snow!
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It's well on the way to spring here, but "nice weather" depends on what you consider nice. Here spring and summer = big storms. Some consider weather that has a likelihood of tornadoes, strong winds, and hail to be bad.
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78 and sunny here.
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It's nice today. Rather windy though. We might get snow on Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!!! Hopefully no accumulation.
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I wish!! It snowed a few inches last nightand is still going now - the schools are closed due to high winds.

Want to send some of that warm weather to us??
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Its been nice here for a few days, about 55 so the snow is actually melting, woohoo! Supposed to rain for the next few days, as long as it doesnt snow Im happy!
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Here in OC, California, we have almost nothing BUT nice weahter. We dont get snow. We only have a month or two of rain. When it gets below 60 degrees, we say its cold.

One of the only things I dont like about our weather is that durring the summer we get alot of days that are close to or above 100 degrees. And since we only get rain durring the winter, there isnt any rain to help with the heat. Most of our summers are spent in a drought.
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Here in Southern Ca it was 90 today
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It was 94 here today and we broke a record for the date.
Lo: 48°F Rain: 0.00" Hi: 94°F Gust: ESE 11
It is 62 now at almost Midnight
I am dreaded the 100's.
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It looks like it's ncie outside, but it's only 9am and it's Sunday, I haven't moved from bed yet to find out if it's all an illusion!
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It is 91 now and still going up.
Maybe another Record today.
Switch to Celsius
mphSo Far Today
Lo: 51°F Rain: 0.00" Hi: 91°F Gust: E 9 Heat Index: 87°F
Humidity: 20%
Dew Point: 45°F
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It's hot here too. (We live in the desert.) We have our AC on to bring it down to 75F (24C) in the apartment.
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It was in the 90's yesterday and 89 and climbing now. There were people in the complex pools.

In about a month, month and a half, we are going to be having over 100 degree weather
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I am hoping it will not hit 100 early this year. I think it might though.
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We are Hotter then the Airport. They set a Record Yesterday and I think today too. It was 94 here in my part of the City.
Statement as of 5:45 PM PDT on April 12, 2008

... Record high temperature set at Modesto and tied at Sacramento
Executive Airport and Stockton Airport...

A strong high pressure ridge now over the western United States has
produced record high temperatures across interior northern
California this afternoon. Records were tied or broken at several
airports in the southern Sacramento Valley and the northern San
Joaquin Valley this afternoon.

A record high temperature of 87 degrees was set at Sacramento
Executive Airport today. This ties the old record of 87 set in 1990.
The high at the downtown Sacramento station reached 88... but was one
degree shy of the record of 89... last set in 1990.

The high temperature of 89 degrees at Stockton Airport today ties
the old record of 89 set in 1977.

The afternoon high temperature of 92 degrees at Modesto breaks
the old record of 91 set in 1962.

Another warm day is on tap for Sunday... before a cooling trend moves
in on Monday.
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The weather was beautiful yesterday after some rain in Maryland! We went to the Monument in D.C. Now it's COLD today
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It was mild and sunny today here
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I live in Northern CA and not far enough inland to be the Central Valley, but it was hot today. The forecast was for high 70s, but the car thermometer read 90 in the shade. First day of air conditioning for us.

In the summer/fall we usually get one or two weeks of 100s. (maybe 3). In SF, the fog makes it much cooler. For every mile you go east from SF you gain a degree, so 60 in SF is 87 where we live.
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This is our Temp at 5:20

mphSo Far Today
Lo: 51°F Rain: 0.00" Hi: 95°F Gust: ESE 11 Heat Index: 89°F
Humidity: 16%
Dew Point: 42°
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sigh..... now I have a slight sunburn on my back.... But the pool sure felt nice!
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Aww I wish I lived in the West!
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