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law and order

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Does anyone watch this one, or the Criminal Intent or Special Victim's unit? I started watching them a few months ago. I tend to watch the SVU more, but last night they had all 3 of them on. I dont care for the CI one, but I'll admit, the one on last night was pretty good. The lady on SVU (the woman detective), actually does help rape victims. I read this in Cosmo a few weeks ago .... She took the required training for it.
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yup, i watch em all.

i like CI for the specific reason that i get to see Vincent everytime it's on ! perks of crime t.v. goddamn he's cute.

i've been watching Law & Order for years, my grandma and my mom and i used to watch them together.
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I don't watch CI or SVU, but I love Law and Order. My favorite shows have Briscoe and Logan as the detectives and Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid as the attorneys. I used to watch the reruns daily on A and E. Haven't been watching lately, though.
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Originally posted by blue
yup, i watch em all.
i like CI for the specific reason that i get to see Vincent everytime it's on ! perks of crime t.v. goddamn he's cute.
i soooo love vincent. bugger that its a rerun tonight grrrr.
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you always had good taste, Kellye !
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How funny. CI and the original L&O are my favs! I like SVU but only to watch Ice-T
I watch all the reruns and I love crossing jordan
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I'm an L&O junkie! I watch the original reruns pretty faithfully on
TNT and watch SVU and the original show all of the time. I do watch CI most of the time but have never gotten quite into it, I think because of the boy-genius depiction of Donofrio's character.

The original show needs to go back to central casting to get a better assistant for Jack McCoy. They've gone downhill since Claire Kincaid was killed, IMO.
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I was going to say I'm a junkie, but I didn't even know Kinkade was dead! I guess I just watch the reruns a lot more than new eps. I like the original the best. The rapper... whose name, real and stage, I have just forgotten, is one of my fave characters. I know people say he's just playing himself, but I don't care!
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The rapper I believe is Ice-T I think he is cute... everyone thinks I am nuts. Of course I think McCoy and Lenny are not too bad for older guys
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You have good taste, Lachesis! I adore Lenny, he's so funny.
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i love Lenny too!
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Lenny is good... quiet the cop I must say. I love it when it is a hard or smart :laughing:

My son loves to argue... or "compromise" I decided the child has watched way too much L&O :laughing: The principal even asked me if his dad was a lawyer!!!
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:LOL: @ your son Lachesis
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WillieWZ, one of the problem with the reruns is that they dont do them in any order at all, so if you didnt watch the original shows, I can see how you might not know that! She was in a car accident at the end of one season, and the next season, it was clear that she had died from her injuries. Claire was replaced by a character named Jaime whose last name I am blanking on, then Angie Carmichael then Elisabeth Rohm, the current one.

My brother, who is NYPD retired, says Lenny plays his role very accurately. He also likes Lt. Van Buren, and somewhat to my surprise, Ice-T. He says he never came across a detective like Donofrio plays, but he left the force because of an injury a long time ago.

I once ran into Jerry Ohrbach in the lobby of the hospital where I was then working! I didnt say anything to him since I thought it would ne an invasion of his privacy if he was there for medical care.
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Claire Kincaide

Jamie Ross


I missed L&O rereuns last night I saw them but still
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