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stomach bug?

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Anyone know if there is a stomach bug going around?

It all started yesterday morning, i felt "normal" when i woke up yesterday, or so i thought, and then i exercised for an hour and after i felt like i might throw up and i was soooo tired. I thought I might have overdone my exercising or didnt drink enough water before. After a couple hours the "im going to vomit feeling" passed but i still felt slighty out of it, but was able to go on with my day with no issues. Later in the evening I was laying in bed to go to sleep and i noticed the upset stomach coming back, so i went to bed. Woke up this morning feeling like i was going to throw up, slight cramping. So i stayed home, about 3 hours later i feel a lot better but im scared to get out of bed for fear i might feel sick agian. What could this be?
I hope by tomorow i feel 100% agian, was wondering if there is any stomach bug going around?

Any one have any ideas on what i can and should drink, im drinking water right now but have to drink it slow, would juice be ok?
I am starting to feel a little hungry too but im scared to eat, im afraid ill eat the wrong thing or Im afraid ill eat and it will make me feel worse.

ugh, i hate this feeling, whats going on.
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Well if it was a "stomach bug" I don't think the nausea would come and go. It would most likely stay with you. You would also most likely have bad diarrhea. Eat plain crackers, toast or rice.
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Look up my "Horrible nausea" thread, there are good tips there. If you can find it, Emetrol - a liquid medicine for nausea, may help you.
Mine turned out to be caused from the sucralose (an artificial sweetener) in something I was drinking. I could handle a little of it but after a few days the stuff must build up in my system or my body gets tired of it, and I feel awful.
Could it have been something you ate or taken? Or maybe something is off in your body and that's the effect for you.

Hope you get to feeling better.
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Get well soon!
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I hope you're feeling a little better now. I don't know what is going around in California, but over here there are a TON of nifty little viruses going around, mainly due to the strange spring weather.

You may not have it full force, but it definitely sounds like you're fighting something. It was a good idea to stay home today to give your body time to recover. I always found that if I drank juice when I was fighting a stomach virus it made it worse because of the acid. I normally crave ginger-ale or sprite. Crackers (with some cheese if you can handle it) or toast is good and settles well.

One thing that my MIL suggested last time DH had stomach problems is to make jello, and drink it while it's still warm. Somehow it seems to coat his stomach and settles it.
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I got sick a couple weeks ago and woke up feeling stiff and sore and by the evening I had a fever of 102. I threw up a couple times the next day even though all I was eating and drinking was toast, water, and 7up.. ugh. Even after the fever went away, my stomach still felt kind of blah.

Anyways, hope you feel better soon!
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thank you everyone for the vibes and advice. I think it might be salmonilla posioning, im not sure could be wrong, but i have the symptoms for that execpt my head feels fine and i never got a fever. Infact i feel great from the waist up, like im not even sick. Its just my stomach and it comes and goes, being the worse in the late night, early morning, i was actually crying lastnight and this morning it was sooo bad. During the day I actually feel like im 100% better but as the day goes into night, the feeling comes back.
Its so weird cause I thought when you had the stomach flu or salmonilla poisoning that you would feel sick the whole time, not just during certain parts of the day. weird.

I hadnt been able to get a hold of my mom the last 2 days, turns out she was in San Francisco, but she is catching a flight home today, so at least i'll have some company.

This really sucks, i just got over a cold too. Blah.

Thanks agian everyone
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I had all the symptoms of salmonella a few weeks ago, including the fever, etc.

I know the experts say there's no such thing as "24-hour flu" or "stomach flu." If you're nauseous, have diarrhea, etc., and it lasts just a day or two, it's food poisoning of some sort. Most of us get it two or three times per year.
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