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fur loss

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my cat is on innova dry food, which is supposed to help the coat, but last night i was petting him and i noticed that a lot of loose fur was gathering by his tail. the hair is thick and straight, so i think it's the outer coat. i continued petting him and it kept coming out. i examined his coat and found that the fur comes out VERY easily. i am going to brush him later, but is this common? i think i am going to take him to the vet on tuesday b/c he sneezed, too. he's still active and playful. affectionate and attention seeking. he's my first cat so i need advice. if this could be the result of a serious health issue, i will take him to the vet sooner. do they shed more in early spring?
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The food makes a big difference. Over the years I tried several premium brands including Innova, Felidae, Life's Abundance and By Nature Organics. Christopher Cody always shed a lot and his fur never felt soft. I switched to Blue Spa Select Sensitive skin formula in December. Three weeks after switching I noticed softer fur, less shedding and fewer furballs. He also has more energy now.

My mom's cat started developing mats in his fur. He was eating Nutro. He also had dandruff and his fur wasn't as soft as it used to be. She switched him to Blue and we noticed a HUGE improvement in two weeks. She says he's acting like a kitten again and he's about to turn 4 years old.

I would still get your kitty checked by the vet to make sure there aren't any health issues involved.
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It could be a meat issue ... like Consumer mom went from chn and fish to turkey slight change but it may work...

Blue is usually one folks move from because it has the lower end of the fatty acids for skin and coat ...

I find the higher fatty acids with a simple formula to work but also make sure the protein adn fat are there ...

Zoey eats a mix since the grain free her tummy agrees with is LOW in fatty acids and causes her coat to loose its softness and causes shedding ... but the grain containing one keeps her like a show cat

I say get to the vet...

is he fixed ie neutered >???

age ??
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