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Question of the Day - April 11th!

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yay!! Friday!!

Name 3 good things that have happened to you this week

1. My Mom and Dad bought me new appliances, a washer, dryer and stove! I have to help pay them off, but my old ones were, well OLD and not working very well.

2. I'm pretty sure I have an A going in my English Comp class!

3. I made a new friend!
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1. I finally worked this week, got a small check and deposited it!!

2. Bakkers vet visit went well!!

3. The lawn is starting to green up (it should with all the rain) and I see plants again in my gardens.
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01. The weather has been gorgeous, and I've gotten to spend a lot of time outdoors

02. Reconnected with some old friends

03. Got a fancy new phone!
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1. We have had a great week weather wise! So I have worked outside getting the lawn raked and the flower beds ready for summer!!!

2.Hubby bought me a nice screen type house for outside..

3.Washed all the rugs in the house with the rug cleaner!! Major job done..
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Great question Katie!...

1.- I heard my Local team of baseball are lead the Local championship...

2.- I went early to home yesterday and spend a great night at home....

3.- I discover again that TCS is my second home in the world!.....

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1. I went and saw my new house which is almost finished.
2. I survived the local tornado.
3. I managed to give Persi a bath - I survived that too!
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1. My brothers cancer treatment is working

2. I planted 2 plants with another one to follow

3. I can make phone calls abroad for as long as i want to for £5 a month
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1. I got my new puppy.

2. I made a little extra money and was able to buy a few things that I really wanted.

3. We had great weather for the most part, and I got to get outside and enjoy it.
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Hi! This has been kinda a tough week but lets see:

1. My Nephew came to visit and I was able to meet my Great Niece - she is turning 2 today.

This is a lot harder than I thought. This week has not been a real hum dinger of a week. I have to take some time and really think about this. This is very sad. I am alittle embarrassed. I will have to get back to ya!!

Have a wonderful day!!!
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1) The busy season at work is almost over, that means many days off after! Yay!
2) The birds came back up north & we are feeding a big variety of birds,
it feels good to know that all their little bellies are full!
3) Our two kitties who have some behavioral issues are improving!! They are becoming sweet cats
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I have 2 and 3

2. Lauged at a very funny joke provided by TCS and

3. Played games in the TCS Arcade

Happy happy.
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1. My man was visiting until Wednesday

2. I got new pots and pans

3. I went to see Avril Lavigne
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1. I have today off & we drove home to see my family

2. We are going to a resort this weekend to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary w/ the entire family, all 50 of us!

3. My aunt called me last night to ask if I would be my new baby cousins Godmother
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1) I earned quite a lot babysitting - more horse funds!
2) I think I might have convinced my mom to get a second dog.
3) I've managed to give Lady her pill every day - no spit-outs.
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1) Damita & Bea are still here
2) I've got 3 essays written in 2 days!
3) My speech is almost done, now I just have to find my audience by tomorrow!
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1) Mum and Dad celebrated their 19th Anniversary, plus we had two other birthdays this week, both of my sister's.

2) Had great weather, so have been outside enjoying it as much as I can.

3) Had Job Interview today
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Well, let's see...
1. The job that I had is officially over as of 0730 this morning
2. I got 2 papers and 1 of my projects done
3. I took the kitties to the vet today and Petunia didn't pee in her crate!!
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1. it is my brothers b-day
2. Have today off (hehe)
3. Finished my thesis project last night
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1. I saw the first robin of the spring on my way to work Sunday.

2. I got a really cool supply of homemade bath salts and oils from my sister in B.C. in the mail..

3. It's pay week and I have tons of paycheque left over and my bills are up to date...(that's the best)
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1) I got to go to lunch with a good friend for a belated celebration of my birthday.
2) We found out we are getting a refund on our taxes!
3) I won a prize at my Bunko game.
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1. had the flu, but feel better now

2. Got grocery shopping done

3. Good weather & lot's of garage sales this weekend
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I had an interview for a job that I want
I was able to attend a meeting 3 hours away that I wanted to attend
Got to go out to eat yesterday! Yum!
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1. Got a new, wicked sweet, laptop.
2. Found out I lost 3 lbs. last week. My diet and exercise plan is working.
3. My brother's coming up this weekend. We're taking our pictures together for my parents anniversary present. We'll go out to eat, and hang out.
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Ummm, let me think....

1) Kitty and Maisie seem to be getting along better.
2) It snowed AND settled ( But just for the evening )

3) My brother came to visit me
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1. Got my second facet block done and it seems to be working so far!!! Being relatively pain free does wonders for the attitude!!!

2. The Redwings won their first Stanley Cup playoff game against the Predators!

3. A guy that I'm interested in has been flirting with me this week.
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1. The green is moving upward -- it's not just the bushes, but the trees, the tall ones.

2. Today has been a day of small and not so small victories -- potential problems that turned out not to be, things that happened on time and saved anxiety, getting over a "block" in a small project that had been a source of anxiety earlier in the week, news that a student who has had difficulty WILL graduate, stuff like that.

3. Saw two "special" people I haven't seen for a while, and we get to see stepson and SO this evening, too -- it's been a couple of weeks.
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